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Intellectual Property (IP) is an intangible asset that is critical for any business owner or innovator wanting to scale and compete in today’s global market. Without a foundation of an IP strategy and supporting IP rights, efforts in moving innovations to successful and sustainable commercialization remain at risk for others to claim as their own.

The economic reality of IP is best evidenced in the S&P 500 companies, where the collective value of intangibles now accounts for over 91% of the $22 trillion total value. As the world rapidly transitions to a knowledge-based economy, Ontario and Canada as a whole have lagged behind in IP performance: less than 10% of the Canada’s business sector comprises of intangible assets, and only a small percentage of firms across Canada in the SME space seek information or guidance on IP each year according to Statistics Canada.

Compared to our entrepreneurial ambition, we are lagging not because great ideas and innovation don’t happen here, but because we need to collectively do more to harness the full value of our IP in parallel with our commercialization efforts. This is why Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) was created: to drive economic growth for companies by leveraging IP which will result in securing more jobs and a more prosperous future for the people of Ontario.

IPON works with innovators, businesses, and researchers at various stages of their IP journey. We provide access to expert IP education, financial supports, and mentorship to help our clients better understand how to:

  • maximize the value of IP
  • strengthen their capacity to grow
  • compete in the market
  • enhance research and commercialization outcomes

See the services section for more information about specific offerings or click the contact us button to get in touch with IPON today.

Programs & Resources

Ontario's IP Ecosystem Map - This accessible, interactive PDF provides an overview of IP organizations, services and support available across Ontario to help entrepreneurs, researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises

Micro-credentialing - A micro-credential is a digital badge awarded to clients to showcase their successful completion of a learning milestone. IPON offers an IP Strategy micro-credential to

IP Benchmarking - IP benchmarking reports are prepared through an in-depth review of client’s IP resources to provide a better understanding of their IP position, competitive advantages, weaknesses

1-on-1 Mentorship - Clients who are interested in IPON's 1-on-1 mentorship program are matched with mentors who have lived IP and commercialization experience and provide subject matter expertise,

IP Patent Landscaping - IP patent landscaping reports provide an overview of patent filings for a specific technology or industry and the information can be specific to a country,

Financial Support (Up to $25,000) - Clients are eligible to receive up to $25,000 to subsidize costs for IP registration and filing fees, IP audits, IP valuation and IP strategy assessments.

Public Events and Online Resources - Everyone is invited to attend IPON’s virtual and in-person events hosted across Ontario that are designed for innovators and researchers to get a deeper understanding

Foundational IP Education - Foundations of IP Strategy is a free self-guided course that is available to anyone interested in learning how IP can be strategically leveraged to advance

Contact Info

16th Floor 315 Front St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 3A4

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