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The directory below represents the programs and services offered by Regional Innovation Centres across Ontario, as well as support from other agencies, universities and colleges.  

The Communitech Pro Squad comprises our in-house trusted business professionals, offering reliable advice to member companies. Avoiding the hassle of searching, members can connect directly
Communitech Growth Coaches are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in various competencies. They mentor qualifying startups and scale-ups referred by Communitech, offering expertise in fundraising,
The Communitech Good AI program empowers founders to prioritize ethical principles in their AI products. With industry experts, participants shape the future of AI innovation.
Communitech Fast Track programs connect organizations with startups for swift problem-solving. Through collaborative efforts, industry challenges are addressed using innovative tech solutions. Participants gain access
Communitech Peer2Peer Groups facilitate knowledge exchange and networking in a casual setting. Participants share challenges, lessons and best practices, fostering growth and learning across various
In collaboration with Invest Ottawa and North Forge, Communitech is helping startups in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan understand, manage and leverage their intellectual property (IP)
These premium networking experiences are design to bring together the community for evenings of celebration, conversation and collisions of amazing founders.
This podcast focuses on the vision of bringing unfiltered, real stories from behind the scenes to the forefront from a founder and investor standpoint.Each episode
This experience is designed for innovators, entrepreneurs and founders to get answers, knowledge and insight to some of the most pressing business challenges. With 30-minute
Tech Meetups are designed for founders, tech enthusiasts and professionals in the technology and innovation sector to accelerate professional development, share knowledge, and build relationships
Our team strategically leverages regional events, trade shows, and our network of innovative leaders from local municipalities, institutions, and industries to connect our portfolio companies
WEtech in collaboration with other key Stakeholders host 1 significant capital event per year, with satellite activities to support foundational knowledge and skill development in
Provides WEtech clients selling in market with up to 200 lead contacts per report, based on sector and persona specific criteria. Delivered through MaRS.
Provides industry wide analysis, market insights and information to innovative ventures. Delivered through MaRS.
The MaRS Everest workshops are advanced working sessions where founders/ entrepreneurs have the chance to test their assumptions and hypotheses while working through problems within
At WEtech, we offer a diverse array of online and in-person entrepreneurial training programs, meticulously designed to address the unique challenges encountered by startup founders
Our advisory process is meticulously tailored to guide our clients toward success through a structured and strategic approach. We lay out clear roadmaps for each
Our Venture Services Team at WETechAlliance spearheads focused Discovery Sessions to precisely identify each client's needs. These sessions, led by our Startup Advisor, are
Our Growth Coach team is an assembly of 30 dynamic and impact-driven experts, each bringing a wealth of experience from every corner of startup development.

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