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Workforce WindsorEssex Launches Report Identifying the Benefits of Remote Work in Our Community

MEDIA RELEASE via Workforce WindsorEssex

WINDSOR, ON, Jan. 24, 2023 – Today, Workforce WindsorEssex released a report, Remote Work in Our Community, to recognize the benefits and dispel myths concerning remote work. The report encourages local employers to continue to embrace innovative remote work strategies to benefit both them and workers long-term. The report warns employers that the wrong company policy for your industry could lead to retention and recruitment challenges. This Employment Ontario project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Based on findings from a recent community survey conducted by Workforce WindsorEssex, approximately 75% of responding local workers felt positive changes since working remotely and 84% noted they would like to continue working remotely. Approximately 73% of respondents said that remote work options would entice them to apply to job postings.

The new report addresses the negative misconceptions that are associated with remote work, such as a reduction in productivity, collaborative work, and workplace culture. This misconception is causing many employers to be unsure of the benefits of remote work and unprepared to offer it long-term. However, several studies have found that employees feel more productive when working from home, which they attribute to a lack of office distractions, zero commute time, and a greater work and life balance. The benefits to employers include: an increase in worker satisfaction (which would lead to an increase in retention), the opportunity to outsource skilled labour that may be lacking in Windsor-Essex, and the ability to hire more workers without increasing office space and overhead costs during business growth.

To embrace remote work, recommendations for employers include: scheduling check-ins to monitor productivity and ensure clear communication, providing employees with the necessary technology in order to be productive from home, and using video-conferencing applications and online resources to improve collaborative work and maintain a strong workplace culture.

According to Statistics Canada, 40% of Canadian jobs can be done from home, and almost six in 10 workers with a bachelor’s degree (59%) can work from home. The number of jobs that could plausibly be worked from home differ depending on the industry. Telework capacity is less than 15% in agriculture and less than 20% in manufacturing, but it ranges from 84% to 85% in finance and insurance, educational services, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

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