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WonderWell Toy Co. launches The Kindness Mouse™

A thoughtful toy designed to inspire compassion one adventure at a time

Toronto, ON, November 13, 2023 – Meet The Kindness MouseTM the first in a series of mindful toys from Wonderwell Toy Co. designed to inspire and nurture good values. Knowing that play brings out the best in children, The Kindness Mouse activity set has been created to help parents and caregivers foster kindness, connection and joy for children.

It begins with the story of a mouse looking for a sense of belonging- and continues off the page through the adorable plush toy that can be moved around the house to facilitate a series of adventures and mindful cues from a deck of activity cards.

Jana Hallam, Wonderwell Toy Co. founder, was inspired by her own experience as a mother longing to promote core values of kindness, gratitude and mindfulness in a meaningful, playful way.

“I was looking for a way to use play to help drive important social-emotional learning” says Hallam. “I believe expressions of kindness and compassion contribute to a child’s sense of purpose and belonging, creating happier humans. I created something that could cultivate this in a really playful way.”

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About Wonderwell Toy Co:
Wonderwell Toy Co creates toys that develop imagination, curiosity and mindfulness in children. Through magical adventures and play, we offer a setting for children to experience the good inside themselves, with a growing line of products that inspire kindness, gratitude and authenticity.

The intentional line of toys have been designed to spark meaningful conversations and conscious creativity for families. By delivering moments of joy and learning, we help caregivers teach children how to be better humans. Their first product, The Kindness Mouse™ is a playful adventure for kids focused on fun, empathy and inspiring the good within.

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