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Why SmartInside AI Recognizes Ottawa as Ideal for Canadian Expansion  

Jun 8, 2023

SmartInside AI is based in Korea and last year, they chose Ottawa as the ideal place to open a new office.

But why choose Ottawa? SmartInside AI’s Nam Hyun Cho explain not only why Ottawa is ideal for Canadian operations, but how they were able to fast-track their expansion projects.

Advancing Safety Management

Founded in 2018 in Korea, SmartInside AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent construction site accidents, protect workers from severe injuries, and ensure a safer environment. Its integrated safety management system analyzes images and videos, generating real-time notifications if potential risks and hazards are detected.

In a constant state of innovation, the company has registered 38 patents between 2018 and 2022. It won the 16th Korea Excellent Patent Award in 2022. It is also the winner of two consecutive Artificial Intelligence Championships.

SmartInside AI’s technology has demonstrated accurate applications for projects of any scale. Its projects include the construction of Smart City in Hwaseong City that incorporates a citizen-led smart city living lab. Since it was founded, the company has maintained a 0% accident rate.

In 2021, SmartInside expanded its operations into Ottawa.

Fast-Tracking Operations into Ottawa

SmartInside AI reached out to Invest Ottawa to learn more about the Global Runway Soft Landing Program. Through this program, the Global Expansion team was able to help fast-track SmartInside AI’s operations into Ottawa in 2021 while supporting the company with planning, expert consultations, and resources.

Nam Hyun Cho, Overseas Branch Manager, SmartInside AI, says, “The Global Runway Program helped us build the footprint of an overseas business operation that we had in mind for years. They assisted us with establishing a Canadian corporation and helped connect us with various people in the City of Ottawa to share our business and our mission.”

Currently, Cho is tasked with laying the foundation for the company’s Canadian operations and is its first Ottawa-based employee. He transitioned from working in digital services for one of Invest Ottawa’s pandemic initiatives, Digital Main Street, prior to joining SmartInside AI in February 2022.

“Everything is still in progress,” Cho reflects. “Invest Ottawa helped with a lot of our first steps. We’re getting a lot of assistance and advice. I also have access to workspace in the same building as Invest Ottawa, which is very convenient.”

Why Ottawa?

Cho affirms that Ottawa’s reputation as a tech hub is known internationally. He says, “SmartInside AI was attracted to Ottawa’s vision of smart tech-oriented and R&D projects. Ottawa is one of the fastest-growing tech regions in North America. It has a lot of global talent.”

Through the Global Runway program, Invest Ottawa’s global expansion team saves you time, connecting you directly with recruitment and commercial real estate professionals, potential business advisors and associates, research and development sites, government regulators and policymakers, embassy staff and any other contacts you need to support your business.

Find out more about the Global Runway Program here.


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