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Wholesale Produce Delivery Startup Jitto Wins Haltech’s Hi5 Pitch Competition

Hi5 Pitch Competition finalists on stage as Mani holds winning cheque

Jitto wins first place at 2023 Hi5 Pitch Competition

On November 30th, the Burlington Convention Centre buzzed with excitement as we hosted the much-anticipated Hi5 Pitch Competition. The stage was set, the pitches were primed, and the energy was electric!

High-Fives and High Stakes

Our Hi5 Pitch Competition is no ordinary affair—it’s a thrilling showcase where five high-potential clients get five minutes each to pitch their innovative ventures to a panel of five discerning judges. Why the number 5, you ask? Because at Haltech, we believe in going above and beyond, and we’re not afraid to make it catchy!

The stakes were high, with a grand prize of $5,000 awaiting the winner. This year’s competition not only provided a platform for our most innovative start-ups to shine but also an opportunity to build essential presentation skills and gain exposure to our vast ecosystem of industry partners.

The Ground Rules

Finalists are given 5-minutes to pitch their businesses. After each presentation, the judges are given up to 10 minutes for Q&A.

The judges evaluated using the following criteria and rating them from 1 (least evident) to 5 (most evident).
  • Business concept
  • Target customer and market problem
  • Uniqueness to competition
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Overall presentation

This Year’s Finalists

And the Winners Are… 🏆

People’s Choice Winner: Catapult Tactical XR

The crowd had its say too, as the dynamic duo Robyn & Sheldon Simpson of Catapult Tactical XR seized the People’s Choice Award. Their triumph earned them $1,000 and 40 complimentary hours at ACE Coworking in Oakville. Bravo!

Robyn and Sheldon Simpson posing while holding People's Choice Award

People’s Choice Winner: Catapult Tactical XR

First Place Winner: Jitto

After a night filled with compelling pitches and palpable anticipation, Mani Siddiqui of Jitto emerged victorious, claiming the coveted first-place prize of $5,000. But that’s not all—Mani also secured complimentary I.P. consultations up to $1,500 in value with the esteemed Bearskin & Parr LLP.

Hi5 2023 First Place Winner: Jitto

Gratitude Galore: Thank You to Our Partners

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our sponsors and partners. A heartfelt thank you to our title sponsor, The Magnes Group, and our supporting sponsors—Halton Region, Bearskin & Parr LLP, and BDO. We also extend our gratitude to our strategic partners: ACE Coworking, PORCH, and Scotiabank.

The Magnes Group Logo

Halton Region, Bereskin & Parr, and BDO Logos

ACE Coworking, PORCH, and Scotiabank Logos

A Round of Applause for All Involved

Let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes heroes—the pitch mentors, the dedicated Haltech team, our esteemed panel of judges, and, of course, our passionate finalists. Hi5 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of creativity, determination, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. As we wrap up another successful edition, we’re already looking forward to the next Hi5—where innovation knows no bounds, and the excitement never fades. Until then, keep reaching new heights, Haltech community!


Haltech team posing for photo on stage

Left to right: Idas Levato, Charya De Alwis, Hannah Fritchley, Shane Ropp, Anoshka Pande, Joey Sitwell, Shann McGrail, Anita Grant, Perla Lopez

Hi5 Finalists: Robyn & Sheldon Simpson, Hannane Soleymani, Magdalena Ordyniec, Sidhanth Pereira, Mani Siddiqui

Judges sat at board room table at Hi5 Pitch Competition

Judges’ deliberation

Large banquet room filled with people sat at tables at Hi5 Pitch Competition

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