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Victoria Greco of Trillagy Shares her Beyond Boundaries Experience

The following is a submission from Beyond Boundaries participant Victoria Greco of Trillagy. 

The Beyond Boundaries Program was instrumental in giving me so many valuable tools and great insights on how to properly plan my next key business steps and help me build a better strategy to succeed for my new company.

It was perfect that the “Think Big and Scale” segment with Julie Ellis was our first sessions. Julie’s “scorecard exercise” helped me better understand where I had gaps in my steps and processes to my business objectives. I realized I was more distracted by the noise around my business and therefore less focused on my core objectives. What Julie shared with us helped me clearly define the key steps I had to take, without ” the noise”.

Karen Kelly’s “Sales Excellence” sessions were surprisingly helpful to me. I say surprisingly because I come from over 20 years in corporate sales so I assumed Karen’s session would be more of a refresher for me. I was pleased when I realized there was very specific material she covered about Linkedin, and email campaigns, both of which I needed. Also, Karen’s poignant refresher on SMART practices helped me fine-tune my message for my product’s key market segments, and reminded me to be more consistent in my branding message.

I need to thank Amanda Tso and her sessions on Financial Acumen. Her discussions about the importance of having a solid financial model and a detailed understanding of the different financial elements were my moments of truth. Amanda’s slides and my realization of how much I didn’t understand (unless I had my Accountant by my side) inspired me to register in a College Finance and Accounting course for Entrepreneurship, and I love it!

Last but not least, the sessions on Technology Strategy with Reema Duggal were probably the most helpful to me. Her spreadsheet, segmenting each business process as a methodology to better define your technology product needs is brilliant in its simplicity. I’ve since added several valuable applications that I wouldn’t have thought of without Reema’s strategy.

I wanted to again thank you, Shann, and Nathan, for making my inclusion in this fabulous group possible.
I look forward to keeping in touch with all the brilliant women I’ve had the honor of meeting through this wonderful program. I hope each of them, and myself, will one day soon look back and say ” I remember when my wildly successful enterprise was just starting and I had this inspiring experience and met these amazing like-minded women through Haltech’s “Beyond Boundaries”!


Victoria Greco, Founder & President

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