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Unlocking Your First Customers: Expert Strategies for Tech Startups Looking to Win and Retain Customers

originally published: 2023-11-28 01:04:53

Every time your prospective client opens their mouth, it gives you an opportunity. The more you know about the client, the better you can serve them. They will tell you what is worrying them, and from there, you can evaluate if there is a fit with this client and if there is an opportunity for your product/service to address their problems in a meaningful way.

Unfortunately, you will often listen to a potential customer and realize their pain points are not the right fit for your product. As a result, customer acquisition requires a frustrating quest for product/market fit that all founders experience. Rahul Vohra, CEO of Superhuman, knows this better than anyone.

While building Superhuman, Vohra struggled to find the sweet spot for success, where his product aligned perfectly with the needs and demands of his target market. Reflecting on his experience, Vohra shares the toll this took on his ability to launch:

“I felt this incredible pressure to launch, but I also knew that if we did, it would go very badly…I couldn’t just convey this to the team, who had invested their hearts and souls into the product…I needed a plan”  

Yet, his experience has allowed him to create a toolkit for other founders that can guide them toward conquering the challenges of product-market fit.

“I spoke to all the experts and read everything I could find, and what I found was a way to define product-market fit, a metric to measure product-market fit and even a methodology to systematically increase product market fit—which I know sounds crazy.”

The Superhuman Product-Market Fit Engine has become a standard reference for measuring product market fit. It uses insights from areas where product/market fit is not happening to unlock where you can improve and turn passive users into superfans.

Finding a product/market fit is most useful at the beginning of a startup’s journey. This fit anchors many other processes startups should employ from the get-go, including connection with customers and branding.

Read more about Vohra’s startup journey and the work he is doing to help other founders fuel their startup growth.

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