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Trending in Tech: Challenge conventional communication with Infinera

Apr 30, 2024

A worldwide provider of optical networking equipment, software, and services, Silicon Valley-based Infinera set up shop in Ottawa’s technology sector in 2009 to leverage the tech talent that was available in the area.

the logo for Infinera, which has an orange infinity-based design to the left of simple grey font with the company name, Infinera.

Since then, the Ottawa location has become the company’s fastest-growing R&D department, and the locally based team continues to grow through innovative and integrated recruitment and development programs in the Ottawa area.

In our monthly Trending in Tech blog series, we offer an inside look at tech companies in Ottawa that are growing and creating new opportunities for tech talent.

Read below to learn more about Infinera from the company itself, what it has planned here in Ottawa and beyond, and how you can join its innovative team, which is looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

“Can you explain a bit about what Infinera is and what it sets out to do?”

“Infinera is revolutionizing telecommunications networks with innovative, industry-leading connectivity solutions including high-end subcomponent technology, systems for network infrastructure, automation software, and professional services.

Two people collaborating at a monitor, overlooking data on site.

With a long history of challenging conventional thinking, bending the laws of science, and continually reimagining telecommunication networks, we are enabling our customers to usher in new services and applications that improve how people communicate with our innovative vertically integrated, open, modular solutions.”

“What makes Ottawa an important strategic location for Infinera?”

“Our Ottawa R&D Hub focuses on continuously pushing the boundaries of optical innovation and providing groundbreaking technology solutions to our customers around the globe.

Responsible for the testing and development of our next-gen line and optical systems, the Ottawa office is an integral part of the company and provides hands-on experience to many of our intern and co-op students who go on to join the company full-time after graduation.”

“Are there key projects or programs that will represent future opportunities at the Ottawa location?”

The Ottawa office continues to work with university partners to provide hands-on experience with cutting-edge optical technology through our University Recruiting Program.

There has been a steady increase in demand for Test Interns from our ASIC, Optical, and PIC teams and we hope to continue to increase our available opportunities in 2024 and beyond.”

A few key reasons tech talent will want to join the Infinera team

Groundbreaking innovation:Three people collaborating at a workspace - two individuals are seated, one is standing in behind.

  • Infinera pioneered the Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)
  • Over 1900+ patents
  • Record-setting and award-winning technology

Work that matters:
By choosing a career at Infinera, you’re opening yourself up to a place where talent and mutual respect matter.

A team of legends:
From brilliant industry leaders to legends in the making, Infinera’s team is a veritable who’s who in the optical world.

Opportunity to rise:
We believe innovation should be a personally fulfilling process, so we make sure there’s always room for advancement. We also encourage and enable vertical and horizontal mobility and promising career paths.



“What can talent bring to the table?”

“With offices all over the world, we offer opportunities for smart, talented minds to join a diverse, driven team with a passion for technology and a shared purpose.

We’re currently looking for individuals with knowledge in ASIC, Optical, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, System Testing, and more.”

“ Can you highlight a few open positions you’re currently hiring for in the Ottawa area? ”  

“Can you highlight the best way for any interested applicants to apply? ” 

Anyone interested can apply for any of the above positions, and future positions through the Infinera careers portal.

If you’re looking to find specialized tech talent to help scale your company, reach out to our talent team, and find out how we can help.  Reach out to the Invest Ottawa talent team here.




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