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Topology Health toolkit integrates digital health applications

November 15, 2023 / Toronto, ON – Topology Health, a Toronto-area startup, has created an innovative, AI-powered toolkit that enables healthcare providers to quickly connect new applications to their electronic health records – often within just a few hours. The company is now testing the application at two hospitals in Canada.

At the core of Topology Health’s offering is a powerful developer toolkit that empowers application developers to effortlessly connect their software with major EMRs/EHRs such as Epic and Cerner. This integration facilitates efficient data flow and real-time synchronizations, laying the foundation for enhanced patient care.

“EMR Integration is the number one feature requested by clinics and hospitals when purchasing an app,” said Topology Health’s CEO, Alexander Goel (pictured). “You can accelerate your growth by using Topology’s SMARTerFHIR, the all-in-one toolkit that seamlessly connects your app to EMRs.”

One notable example is Mutuo Health’s Autoscribe application, a digital transcription assistant that automates notetaking for doctors. At a test site, Topology’s toolkit was used to seamlessly integrate Autoscribe with Epic’s sandbox in a single afternoon.

Autoscribe has been shown to eliminate unnecessary clicks for physicians, providing a seamless experience, and ensuring clinical notes were stored as part of the patient record.

In another project, Topology Health’s toolkit facilitated the bulk extraction of data from an Epic EMR using the BulkFHIR API. This initiative aimed to replace manual data extraction processes, allowing hospital staff to redirect their efforts toward more critical tasks.

Once completed, the finalized result will be a significant time-saving solution that enhances overall operational efficiency. Automating the data extraction with Topology, will enable the analytics application to have better up-to-date metrics for staff to make key decisions.

At the March 2022 Canada Health Infoway Projectathon, Topology Health worked with other vendors to demonstrate how its integration tools could be used to create complete and shareable patient summaries based on the emerging pan-Canadian Patient Summary Specification (PS-CA).

These patient summaries could ensure that clinical teams always have the essential data they need to deliver effective care to their patients. This collaborative effort underscored Topology Health’s commitment to advancing healthcare information systems and fostering seamless communication among healthcare professionals and their digital tools.

Collaborating closely with clients and their software teams, Topology Health goes beyond standard integrations. The company specializes in creating simple custom integrations that maximize functionality, while saving valuable time for both developers and clinicians.

If you’re ready to upgrade your healthcare software integration experience, visit Topology Health’s website to learn more. For direct inquiries, reach out to Alex at [email protected].

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