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Top 16 Toronto Hottest Startups Part II, Featuring Moxy Patch and Able Innovations

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, foundersbeta.com, 2021

We are beyond thrilled to bring you part II of Toronto’s hottest startups. In part I series, we covered some incredible startups in a wide range of industries and stages. In part II, we continue to cover the founders behind these startups in Toronto. They are building great companies with great impact. Keep an eye out for them as they are growing rapidly.

Toronto Startups Remy Warren

Remy Warren is the Founder at MoxyPatch.

A surprising 1 in 3 women will experience incontinence. After discovering a lack of innovation in the market that is actually designed to prevent leaks versus simply absorb leaks, MoxyPatch™ set out to create an innovative and category-disrupting device that works to prevent the unintentional and often frustrating leaks caused by stress urinary incontinence in females. MoxyPatch™ is an over-the-counter and eco-friendly solution that will be available both online and in retail stores so that it is accessible to all women. Their mission is to offer women a true solution in leakage prevention, and to help these women regain their confidence, regain their lives, and regain their Moxy!

Toronto Startups Able Innovations Team

From the left: co-founders Philip Chang (CTO) and Jayiesh Singh (CEO).

Able Innovations‘ automated and intelligent robotic patient transfer technology protects front-line staff from injuries and allows them to do more with less, ultimately boosting operational efficiency in hospitals. With acute staffing shortages across healthcare facilities, Able’s ALTA Platform™ addresses the problem at its core.

Today, it takes multiple staff to exert back-breaking effort to transfer individuals, whereas the ALTA Platform™ enables a single healthcare worker to effortlessly lift and move patients laterally from surface to surface. Current methods of transfer require two to eight staff to exert significant physical effort, leading to high burden, injury rates, and labour usage.

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