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The next evolution of policing has arrived in Windsor; on two wheels.

Thanks to a new one-year pilot project with local tech firm MonerusWindsor Police Services has bridged the connectivity gap for officers deployed on bicycles, equipping them with a “tech box” fitted onto the back of each police bike. The unit contains a Wi-Fi and 5G hub which connects through satellites, providing real-time data back to police headquarters.

The move will ensure better communication and enhanced location accuracy and safety for officers and the community as a whole, as WPS looks to deploy more officers on bicycles, particularly in high traffic areas of the city’s core during festivals and special events.

“This technology on the bicycles allows for another layer of connectivity and another layer of accuracy with respect to the data that we’re collecting,”

While policing decisions have conventionally been made based on experience and instincts, law enforcement can now use this latest technology and data to augment outcomes and enhance decision-making.

“Our organization from the top right down to the operational level is obsessed with data driven decision making and the adoption of technology helps with the accuracy of that data,” says WPS Director of Information Technology Matt Caplin.

This enables the organization to make better strategic and operational decisions, he adds.

“This technology on the bicycles allows for another layer of connectivity and another layer of accuracy with respect to the data that we’re collecting,” says Caplin. “We will know where the officer is, where the bicycle is, what call for service they’re on.”

The connection between WPS and the company supplying the technology was made by WETechAlliance, who has been working with their client Monerus over the past year.

“Monerus is very well-established; they have a great track record of supplying police forces and first responding units with this kind of tech and wanted to find a solution for local police forces in North America,” says WEtech’s Director of Venture Services and Partnerships, Adam Castle. “When we first met them, they were working on a police light bar that essentially turned police cars into smart vehicles with AI, facial recognition, and safety tools that help keep the officer safe in high conflict situations.”

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Image credit: Rich Garton/ CTV Windsor News

Established in 2007, Monerus is committed to leading the way in AI technology, driving innovation to create safer, more efficient, and healthier communities. Their mission is to harness the power of advanced AI to develop solutions that enhance public safety, optimize urban infrastructure, and revolutionize healthcare systems. The company currently has over 10,000 vehicles around the world that they’ve outfitted with their first responder and public safety technology.

According to Monerus cofounder and Project Manager Khalid Saad, the company is looking to revolutionize urban policing with their tech-enhanced bicycles.

“Partnering with Windsor Police Service and industry leaders like Whelen and Volcanic Bikes, we’re enhancing officer mobility and connectivity and ensuring safer communities,” says Saad. “As a proud Canadian company, we are committed to innovating policing and public safety from right here in Windsor. We thank WEtech for highlighting our innovative initiative and supporting our mission.”

“It’s such a cool technology, and it’s something that people in Windsor are going to see rolling around on our streets this summer.”

Castle says WEtech has connected Caplan and the team at WPS with several clients on various policing technologies over the past several years, but the fit with Monerus was almost immediate.

“They saw the value right away,” notes Castle. “It’s such a cool technology, and it’s something that people in Windsor are going to see rolling around on our streets this summer. As an organization, we’re really proud of that connection we got to make.”

“That’s the thing that I love most about this job, is getting to connect innovators with folks in our community and showing people in our community that technology is an investment to make and it can make a really big difference in the lives of people that are integrating with it. In this case, it’s our first responders.”

Jennifer Brignall-Strong is WETechAlliance’s Manager of Events & Community. Her media career spans over 15 years, with experience in marketing, events, promotions, copywriting, and radio production. Jen’s work has been featured in multiple local publications, including The DRIVE Magazine and Windsor Body. As an active member of the community, Jen also volunteers her time as a member of the Board of Directors for the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre. She is also a regular contributor to AM800 CKLW and Tourism Windsor-Essex and runs Tailgate Takeout; a local food blog showcasing the best places to eat and explore in YQG. Through her work, she hopes to showcase the region as an amazing place to work, play, and live

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