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Obviously, climate change isn’t the only challenge that Canada and the world are facing and it’s not the only challenge that our start-ups are addressing. We’ll expand on solutions to some of these other challenges in future posts but here’s a taste to hold you over.


For many people challenges associated with the future of work and equitable access to quality employment would be follow climate change on their priority list of global challenges.  


Meet Altitude client Knockri. Knockri is tackling the challenging problem of systemic bias in hiring. Specifically, they use behavioural skills assessment that improves diversity without impacting work performance or hiring efficiency. Canadian and global companies are flocking to their solutions to help them hire the best possible candidates while reducing hiring bias, cutting costs, and improving the candidate experience.


In this post we’ve outlined how Altitude start-ups are making the world a better place while creating innovative new firms and new high-quality jobs in Ontario. Investors, customers, and employees are flocking to their solutions. When you work with organizations like these you can’t help but be optimistic for our global future.

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Altitude Accelerator
Altitude Accelerator is a not-for-profit innovation hub and business incubator for Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, and other communities in Southern Ontario. Altitude Accelerators’ focus is to be a dynamic catalyst for tech companies. We help our companies grow faster and stronger. Our strength is our proven ability to foster growth for companies in Advanced Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Hardware & Software, Cleantech and Life Sciences. Our team consists of more than 100 expert advisors, industry, academic, government partners. The team helps companies in Advanced Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Hardware & Software, Cleantech and Life Sciences to commercialize their products and get them to market faster.

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