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STEM & Startups: Empowering Canadian Innovators

Hello, Innovators! Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of STEM and celebrating STEM Day. At Haltech, we’re all about supporting innovation and fostering diversity and inclusion. In this article, we’ll explore what STEM Day is and why it’s crucial in the realm of technology and innovation startups. We’ll also shine a light on women in STEM in Canada with some ‘not so fun’ facts and statistics.

What is STEM Day?

STEM Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a global initiative that encourages individuals, especially young minds, to engage with these disciplines, fostering curiosity, creativity, and innovation. This celebration takes place on November 8th, and at Haltech, we’re all about recognizing and nurturing the potential of future innovators.

The Importance of STEM Day in Technology and Innovation Startups:

Inspiring the Next Generation:

STEM Day serves as a powerful catalyst for inspiring the next generation of innovators, especially women. Encouraging young girls to explore STEM fields paves the way for diverse perspectives and fresh ideas in the tech and innovation startup landscape.

Promoting Innovation:

Innovation is at the core of what we do at Haltech. STEM Day promotes innovative thinking by emphasizing the importance of STEM education. When we empower individuals, regardless of their background or gender, with STEM knowledge, we foster a culture of creativity and problem-solving that’s vital in startups.

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion:

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords for us; they’re our mission. STEM Day aligns perfectly with these values by breaking down stereotypes and creating opportunities for everyone. It’s a day to recognize and celebrate the contributions of women in STEM, showing that the tech and innovation world is for everyone.

Attracting Top Talent in Canada:

Canada aims to meet the growing demand for talent and fill key positions that contribute to the nation’s economic growth and technological advancement by prioritizing the invitation of skilled newcomers with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) experience.

The Current State of Women in STEM in Canada

  • Women make up less than 25% of people employed in STEM careers1.
  • According to Statistics Canada, 34% of Canadians with a STEM degree are women1.
  • They make up only 23% of Canadians working in science and technology1.
  • Among high school graduates, women are 29.8% less likely than men to enrol in a postsecondary STEM program shortly after graduation2.
  • The gender gap in STEM enrolment falls to 19.9% when focusing only on bachelor’s degree STEM programs2.
  • Among those who were first-year students in a STEM undergraduate program in 2010, 66% of women and 72% of men remained in a STEM program (as students or graduates) as of 20153.
  • About 23% of women and 12% of men transferred from a STEM to a BHASE program, and 11% of women and 16% of men left undergraduate studies3.
  • Persistence varied across STEM programs. About 82% of women and 77% of men in engineering remained in the same program over the period3.
  • Women graduated faster than men from STEM programs, regardless of field of study3.

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Our Take

We encourage you to join the festivities and take action to support STEM where you can. You can celebrate by sharing the significance of STEM Day with your friends, family, and colleagues, encouraging discussions on the importance of STEM in our daily lives. Explore the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by trying out a STEM-related project or experiment, embracing your inner innovator.

Support aspiring women in STEM by reaching out to them, mentoring, and offering your guidance, or encourage young girls to pursue their interests in these fields. Stay informed by keeping up to date with the latest developments in STEM, particularly those involving women in the industry.

You can check out a number of organizations for Canadian women in STEM by visiting the University of Toronto’s website.

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