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Spark Centre is always incredibly proud of our clients’ achievements, and here are just a few of our clients’ recent successes!


Longan Vision Awarded $1M Contract

Longan Vision Corp. has been awarded a $1 Million contract from Innovative Solutions Canada and funded by the Department of National Defense (DND) to technology for first responders.

The contract is for Longan Vision Corp.’s innovative efforts in providing a long-term solution that will help Canadian firefighters work in a more “Head-Up Hands-Free” mode of operation in various conditions including fire operations.

Longan Vision has been working with firefighters across Canada, the United States and Japan for over 3 years to bring their Fusion Vision System (FVS) to market. FVS is a hands-free helmet-mounted thermal imager that uses Augmented Reality to display information to the user and to provide enhanced vision in dark and smoky locations to help save lives faster. 

New Funding For Korechi Innovations Inc.

Korechi Innovations Inc. has received funding from the Ontario Agi-food Research Initiative (OAFRI).

This funding is for the development of a zero-turn autonomous robotic platform equipped with a mowing deck and a mechanical weeding system for vegetation management in vineyards and orchards.

Korechi Innovations Inc. specializes in the design of autonomous robots for farming and the golf industry. To address increasing concerns over a hands-on labour shortage of hands-on labour in agriculture and golf industries in North America and Europe, Korechi’s autonomous products reduce these labour needs for physically demanding, low-wage outdoor tasks. Instead, workers can be redeployed to other tasks that are harder to automate and of higher added-value.

New Testing Milestones for Reipower

With funding from Ontario Centre for Innovation (OCI), Reipower has completed its first pilot project with RioCan Yonge and Sheppard Centre with very positive results. After implementing measures recommended by Reipower’s analaytics platform,  RioCan Yonge and Sheppard Centre has reduced their annual cooling consumption by approximately 30%.

Reipower has also recently been awarded the energy audit of Square One Shopping Centre and a Phase 2 Audit of RioCan Yonge and Sheppard Centre through which Reipower will conduct further testing of their products. 

Reipower is a metering and monitoring platform powered by AI and machine learning designed for small to mid-sized industrial, commercial and institutional buildings to help them manage, monitor and optimize their power and energy consumption. Reipower helps buildings to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. 


WeTraq Extends Its Reach Through Partnership With Lumino Health

WeTraq has partnered with Lumino Health, Canada’s largest health network and an innovation from Sun Life.

This new collaboration means that WeTraq is now available through the Lumino Health’s Discovery Lab which will enable WeTraq to reach many more Canadians, helping them provide care to their loved ones. 

Lumino Health, an award-winning and free platform connects people with the tools and resources they need to manage their health. The search engine has been used over 11 million times.

WeTraq’s platform uses predictive technology to perform a detailed analysis of mobility behaviours and provide alerts to caregivers. This data can also be used to design better risk mitigation strategies to prevent patient wandering. It ensures the safety of loved ones by providing real-time safety alerts and the information you need to have a conversation about safe driving at just the right time.


Health Espresso’s Partnership With Wounds Canada Is Improving Wound Care 

A new partnership between Health Espresso and Wounds Canada is transforming the future of wound care. This partnership enables front-line clinicians, patients, policymakers, and researchers to digitize a patient’s entire journey, providing a connected, collaborative, and timely approach to wound care. This new form of wound care will decrease acute and hard-to-heal wounds, reduce hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes.

Leveraging this technology will also enable Wounds Canada to establish a Canadian national registry to inform further research in wound care and provide quick and easy access to its validated tools and resources for immediate bedside action and support wound management by patients, especially those living in outlying communities.





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