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Scispot launches LabSQL to enable bio-startups to build and customize LIMS

Scispot, a leading lab informatics company for biostartups, has added LabSQL to its Data Science Toolkit. LabSQL is a user-friendly programming tool that allows biostartups to create and update personalized workflows within a fully configurable lab informatics management system (LIMS). With LabSQL, using a command line interface (CLI), biostartups can connect data from hundreds of sources, including lab equipment, collaborators, and 3rd-party apps, and convert them into customizable relational databases.

Most LIMS are hard-coded with a set of rigid templates that scientists cannot change. In contrast, LabSQL offers a suite of apps, including Open API and Jupyter Notebook connector, as well as a graphical user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI) so that data engineers and scientists can continually build and adapt their own personalized LIMS. With LabSQL, biostartups can design workflows that suit their needs rather than retrofitting a hard-coded LIMS or electronic lab notebook (ELN).

“After working with hundreds of biostartups, we realized that hard-coded rigid LIMS do not work for growing biostartups with evolving workflows. So we built a new-generation LIMS with ELN extensions for configurable workflows. With LabSQL, biostartups can define their own data dictionaries, workflows, sample tracking, inventory management, and data management systems,” said Satya Singh, co-founder and President, Scispot.

Scientists and data engineers can use LabSQL to make different connections between various samples, such as DNA, RNA, and peptide samples, experimental protocols, data, and metadata. This allows biotech startups to automate workflows and data handling and maximize the value of their data.

Our team at Talus Bio has started relying on Scispot for complete sample management of our proteomics workflow. Using it to design experiment templates and store all of our result data has been a game-changer, said Lindsay Pino, co-founder, Talus Bio.

To try out LabSQL, book a demo and join Scispot in their mission to make customizable LIMS and workflow automation possible for every biostartup.


Scispot is a Y Combinator-backed life science informatics company based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Scispot has created a tech stack for modern biostartups and scaleups including Labsheets, a no-code and modern LIMS alternative, widely adopted by biomanufacturers, diagnostic labs, drug discovery companies, and contract research organizations (CROs). Scispot customers use Labsheets to automate workflows and stitch together lab data generated by distributed R&D. To learn more, please visit http://www.scispot.com or book a product demo at calendly.com/scispot/30min

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