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Ro Fernandez of Nova Tools Shares her Beyond Boundaries Experience

The following is a submission from Beyond Boundaries participant Ro Fernandez of Nova Tools. 

Here is the thing, sometimes the things you need as an entrepreneur are intangible. When I joined Beyond Boundaries, I wasn’t sure I would provide the help I needed. I have a background in business; I have run two other companies, so I didn’t know what I would be able to learn, but Beyond Boundaries was much more than what I expected.

So let’s start from the beginning.

Beyond Boundaries is a must join if you are an entrepreneur looking for a program that helps you get those basic next steps, supports you, and provides a sense of accountability. It gives all those things and more.

The stories I heard at Beyond Boundaries were similar to mine. As an entrepreneur, I thought that if I had a good product and a good strategy, I would be able to grow organically. And that can be true if you have the right contacts or some assets – as happened in the first company I built. But if you need to create the audience, credibility, educate customers, or even change behaviors, the story change. Many entrepreneurs are bootstrapping, doing something they are passionate about, some of them dealing with a few investors, and most of them are just two people working on the project. That often means that you are working 24/7, you are not making any money, you run from product, to sales meetings, marketing to investor meetings, and no matter how much you work, how much you are sacrificing, months pass by, and the revenue change very little. The team is often demoralized, investors are trying to change things, and it seems like you are the captain of a ship that will sink at any point.

Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we need to know that what you are experiencing is regular and that you have the permission to add a few hours to your calendar to think.

OMG! I feel I was always trying to get things done! 3 meetings with clients, contact new people, design the product, create an ad, …. by the time I look at my watch it was 11 at night and I started at 6 AM.

So… If you are joining Beyond Boundaries, and you are like me. In that case, you have a strategy, your basics are figured out, but you are held prisoner of the “growth race,” and as an entrepreneur, you need connections and know that you are not alone in the journey- then Beyond Boundaries will be the magical place where you will find other entrepreneurs going through similar challenges, you will get introduce to critical contacts, and you will be a force to go over your ideas and put aside some time to re-think.

I take away the fantastic community they build, the ability to be vulnerable and share your struggles with people going through similar things, and set up a time to get outside those daily tasks to think strategically and be heard. With their disposition to help and connect you with the right mentors, I can tell you that you will be in good hands.


Ro Fernandez CEO & Co-Founder
Nova Tools

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