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Sales Bootcamp

Looking to boost your sales? This 2-hour, 4-session series of workshops was designed exclusively for Regional Innovation Centre Clients who are pre-revenue, or newly in-revenue who are ready to get market validation through early selling.

Session 1: Sales Planning – In this sales planning session we will focus on high-level goals like revenue and the activity targets that lead to revenue.

Session 2: Sales Process – This session will cover topics like email scripts, call scripts, handling major objections, and most importantly the steps in your sales process.

Session 3: Sales Systems & Tools – In this session, we will cover many components of a CRM including contacts, accounts, deals, past activities, and future activities.

Session 4: Managing Your Sales – In the final session of the sales academy program we will cover managing your sales. After you have the plan, processes, and tools in place it is important to measure, review, and adjust. 

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