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Rebecca Featherstone of Musicology Shares her Beyond Boundaries Experience

The following is a submission from Beyond Boundaries participant Rebecca Featherstone of Musicology. 

I was thrilled to be accepted into Haltech’s Beyond Boundaries program in fall of 2021 and looked forward to all I would learn from the inspirational woman involved! At first, I have to admit, it was intimidating as there was a lot of information to go through about how to scale your business (words like “scale” have not been in my vocabulary before, for example!). But, Shann and Julie made me feel so welcome there and the other female entrepreneurs were so incredibly supportive that it kept me wanting to return week after week.

I was having a bit of a rocky period with my tech startup (Musicology – a video conferencing platform for teaching music online) and Shann was genuinely concerned about my well being, meeting with me to try to help and support me as best she could and send connections my way to assist.. I got through it and shared my experience with the others. I was nervous to do so but the relief I felt from getting things off my chest to women that understood the process made it so much easier to cope.

I continued to take the workshops, listen, participate and learn. I felt inspired after each event and the juices were flowing! I’ve met many amazing people throughout the process and the feedback from everyone has been so welcoming.

I have participated in other similar programs that were very male dominated and it was a bit of a negative experience, cutting you down to make you feel small with hopes you will learn from that. It didn’t appeal to me but the Beyond Boundaries has a gentle yet firm and experienced approach to how they educate new startups to move forward through all the muck and press on to that big gorgeous goal (as Julie puts it!) at the end, then create another one!

It’s wonderful and I would do the program again in a heartbeat! Thank you to Shann, Julie and Hannah for all your support and hard work.


Rebecca Featherstone, Founder & CEO

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