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PSTA to Utilize Preteckt AI for Bus Fleet Maintenance

Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) has partnered with Preteckt, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, to enhance the maintenance of its fleet in Florida. By harnessing the power of AI-driven predictive maintenance, Preteckt enables early detection of potential issues and equips technicians with valuable insights to conduct timely repairs, preventing breakdowns.

Following a successful pilot project, Preteckt’s cutting-edge technology will be deployed by PSTA’s bus maintenance team. This innovative solution empowers mechanics to swiftly identify and address engine problems before they escalate into catastrophic failures. Furthermore, the implementation of this technology has demonstrated significant time and labor savings, while ensuring the utmost safety and reliability of PSTA’s vehicles.

Joe Cheney, deputy director of fleet operations for PSTA, attested to the positive impact of Preteckt’s technology, stating, “PSTA’s maintenance department experienced an increase in vehicle up-time and reliability with the vehicles involved in the pilot program. By identifying problems before they cause performance issues, we were able to correct them without negative operational impact. For this reason, Preteckt’s technology has been rolled out to more than 50 percent of the bus fleet with the expectation to continue further implementation in the future.”

Preteckt’s primary focus lies in delivering exceptional value to vehicle maintenance teams. Their platform offers comprehensive engine and after-treatment repair plans to public transit maintainers. The company was born out of the need to assist fleet maintenance teams, who were grappling with the financial burden of repairing issues that had been detected too late or were being managed with limited vehicle technician resources. By mitigating these costs, Preteckt empowers technicians with a cutting-edge tool to stay ahead of rapidly evolving technology while reducing the environmental impact of repairs.

Expressing his excitement over the collaboration with PSTA, Krish Inbarajan, CEO of Preteckt, remarked, “We are thrilled the PSTA recognized the benefits of having Preteckt’s AI-powered predictive maintenance in its bus fleet, and we are excited about a potential further expansion. PSTA is a leader in transit for adopting innovation that ensures its riders get where they need to go on time and safely and significantly helps its maintenance employees look after its fleet. We are delighted to have them be the first agency in Florida to sign a commercial contract with Preteckt.”

This recent commercial agreement serves as a testament to Preteckt’s growing presence in transit authorities throughout North America. By adapting their AI innovation from the trucking industry and tailoring it to transit fleets, Preteckt has successfully secured several commercial contracts and engaged in numerous pilots across the continent.

Memphis Area Transit Authority was the pioneering transit agency to embrace this transformative technology, having witnessed its successful application in the heavy-duty trucking sector. Preteckt’s AI solution was also recently adopted by New York City Transit’s bus maintenance team after emerging victorious from an innovation challenge posed by the Transit Tech Lab.

With Preteckt leading the charge in revolutionizing fleet maintenance through AI-driven predictive solutions, the transportation industry is poised to experience greater efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced passenger safety across the continent and beyond.

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