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Planitar introduces instant 3D virtual tour product and AI automated floor plan drafting technology

WATERLOO, Ontario - Feb. 3, 2023 – Planitar Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new service, iGUIDE Preview. Powered by computer vision and deep learning AI models, Planitar customers will now receive access to iGUIDE 3D tour with interactive floor plan within minutes of uploading project files to the iGUIDE cloud. The Preview service is offered as an extension to standard and premium iGUIDE orders, and maintains all the benefits of floor plan based virtual tour navigation.

“The combination of 360° images and 2D LiDAR scans produced by the iGUIDE PLANIX camera system was designed to balance fast capture with rich visuals and accurate floor plan data. This unique sensor fusion greatly increases reliability of AI predictions and accuracy of automatic floor plan generation compared to floor plans generated from 360° images alone. When combined with Planitar's capability to rapidly curate sizable, uniquely annotated property data-sets, we have been able to materially advance our core technology offering,” said Alexander Likholyot, CEO of Planitar.

With iGUIDE Preview, customers can now get delivery of their virtual tour and interactive floor plan within minutes of completing an iGUIDE property scan, often before they have left the property. Customers can choose to publish this tour directly for their clients, use it to enable internal workflows and gain efficiencies, or wait to receive the full iGUIDE within 24 hours. Fully automated processing allows expedited delivery of property marketing assets within the Residential Real Estate market and supports instant property damage assessment reports within the Insurance and Restoration market.

“After years of computer vision and AI development, we are excited to offer this new capability to our business partners,” said Jarrad Morden, COO of Planitar Inc. “For the first time, customers can visualize their tour quality before leaving the property, and optionally leverage this instant tour to shorten their own delivery times. Fully automated creation and hosting of virtual tours, interactive floor plans, and detailed property records is in-line with our goal to provide best in class lead times with highly scalable products and services.”

iGUIDE Preview is the first deep learning AI product developed by Planitar for external use. Various identification, classification, and quantification models are available to integration partners looking to extract additional property data from iGUIDE virtual tours.

“Planitar pioneered the combination of 3D virtual tour technology and interactive floor plan navigation,” says Michael Vervena, Planitar’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “While iGUIDE Premium remains Planitar’s flagship product, the underlying technology powering iGUIDE Preview enables our customers to massively reduce the time required to create tours, floor plans, and property records. This new technology will enable our partners in both residential and insurance market verticals to further leverage their investment with Planitar in ways not previously possible.”

For more information about Planitar Inc. please visit https://goiguide.com/.

About Planitar Inc.

Founded in 2013, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Planitar Inc. is the leading provider of a proprietary camera and software platform for capturing and delivering immersive 3D virtual tours and extensive property data, known as iGUIDE.

iGUIDE is the most efficient system to map interior spaces and features accurate floor plans, measurements, and reliable property square footage. By integrating floor plans and visual data, iGUIDE provides an intuitive and practical way to digitally navigate and explore built environments.

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