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Phantom Compass releases award-winning game, Triversal

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Looking for something to help you unwind? Look no further.

Phantom Compass has just released its highly anticipated, award-winning game, Triversal.

The game, which was released on Steam, was designed to help people relax and give their mind a soothing workout.

“We are very happy to be releasing a game that was designed to be relaxing and calming, particularly because it was developed during the most stressful period of our communal lives with the pandemic,” says Ericka Evans, Head of Production at Phantom Compass. “We hope it will become a game that people will treat themselves to because we all deserve a little peaceful time for ourselves.”

In Triversal, players must use special logic and problem-solving skills to perfectly place a luminous orb over a black hole by connecting it to stretchy tethers. While this seems simple enough, the challenges ramp up with more complex levels, additional modifiers like flexible tethers and tokens that can be used to purchase hints and receive bonuses. The calm but captivating game play is backed by a charming, tranquil soundtrack and presented in a gorgeous neon palette.

The basic concept behind Triversal is simple – to progress to the next level, players must get a glowing token to sit firmly above a black hole. To do this, players will attach “tethers” to the token – flexible streams of light that pull it in one direction. Finding the right sequence of tethers to get that orb exactly where it needs to go is where the challenge begins. What begins with a gentle learning curve becomes progressively more difficult, as more and more tether anchors appear on screen, along with bonus coins that can be used to purchase helpful items, modifiers and even more flexible nodes that move when connection are made.

Great ideas stick, and that’s the story behind Triversal. “Triversal started as a small prototype that just had a great feel,” says Evans. “Our whole development team kept going back to it from time to time to take a brain break or to relax at the end of the day. We thought if it was that sticky and had such a great effect on our team, others would probably like it too.”

Phantom Compass is the developer behind award-winning games, Rollers of the Realm and Auto-Age Standoff and the team has become a leader in Niagara’s indie game community and innovation ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to see the launch of Triversal, another flagship IP, from Phantom Compass,” says Steve Boese, Manager, Tech Incubation at Innovate Niagara.

“Phantom Compass joined our tech incubator back in 2012 and has since launched their games on the largest video game platforms in the world. Phantom Compass has matured from a startup that needed support to a stalwart tech company in our ecosystem that is now a mentor and advisor to many of the game dev companies and talent in Niagara. As they continue to be a leader in the indie game dev industry in Canada, we are looking forward to seeing even more amazing things come from them in the future,” says Boese.

“Innovate Niagara has been incredibly supportive to the growth and success of Phantom Compass. The networking connections and business advice has been priceless as we have gone through our growing pains,” says Evans.

What’s next for Phantom Compass?

Phantom Compass will be launching its second Pinball + RPG game, "Rollers of the Realm: Reunion" in 2022! The team is excited that this game was recently selected to be included in the prestigious PAX East Online Indie Showcase July 15-18. Tickets are free - check it out!>> https://online.paxsite.com/

Play Triversal here!

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