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OVA to lead a $5.5M Digital Supercluster Project to Create an AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus to Revolutionize Non-Technical Training

“The mission is to make immersive training accessible from anywhere.”

ventureLAB Alumni, OVA, announced a $5.5M Digital Supercluster Project to create an AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus in partnership with Masterpiece Studio, Cognitive3D, HMCS Venture, and Toronto Metropolitan University. According to their press release, this platform will enable non-programmers to develop their own metaverse training platform through simple drag-and-drop creation. “The ultimate outcome is to build virtual spaces for training, simulation and collaboration created by individuals without technical 3D expertise or a background in programming”, says Sebastian Dickinson, CMO of OVA.ai. 

This collaboration aims to tackle the steep learning curve and difficulty of building 3D content, which typically requires people with specific programming expertise and technical training to execute and is a process that requires both extra costs and longer lead times. This Digital Supercluster Project is setting out to make an impact that will extend well beyond just training. “From a broader perspective, democratizing metaverse creation will reshape the workplace”, Dickinson says. “This technology adapts to work situations by selecting candidates, training employees, collaborating with colleges, and presenting projects''.  

“OVA has been on a mission to create ethical and human immersive experiences accessible to everybody. Thanks to StellarX, our AI-powered Metaverse creation software, we empower business teams to create, collaborate and interact in the metaverse” - Harold Dumur, OVA’s CEO.

The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus has many arms of support, focused initially on the aerospace and naval industry. Firstly the campus “will allow the Canadian industry to develop a unique new defense and security capability with high commercial potential in national and international markets'', says Dickinson. He continues by saying, “business trips and their environmental footprint will significantly decrease by using the AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus as a virtual training space”. 

This technology will be influential on Canadian training, simulation and collaboration for defense, but its impacts are also a watershed moment for Canadian innovation. “The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus is a landmark that will catapult the metaverse as a work tool, first in the defense sector and later into other industries.” says Harold Dumur, OVA’s CEO. “Moreover, this project symbolizes an innovative Canadian vision, where a group of companies collaborates with the Royal Canadian Navy and Toronto Metropolitan University to push forward the metaverse ecosystem.” The possibilities of this technology for future applications are seemingly endless. 

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