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Motif Labs Launches CBN Production

Motif Labs is pleased to announce the successful launch of a new production line, servicing Canada’s growing Cannabinol (CBN) market. Employing a proprietary process to produce high purity CBN at scale, wholesale and brand partners of Motif can now develop unique and differentiated CBN products and bring them to market quickly, with a compelling value proposition.

Initially overshadowed by market demand for THC and CBD products, minor cannabinoids including CBN are now gaining traction in an increasingly sophisticated Canadian market. With a substantial number of clinical trials underway looking at the medicinal properties of CBN, and a growing number of consumers who actively use CBN on a daily basis, the timing is perfect for Motif Labs to enter this market, and for its partners to capitalize.

“We receive inquiries about CBN on a weekly basis” noted Motif’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mandy Kang. “Adding CBN to our existing production capabilities is an exciting milestone for the company, and further increases the suite of products and services we provide our valued customers. With our steadfast commitment to efficiency, quality and customer service, our clients are excited to launch unique products that are in high demand. From ideation through to packaged product, Motif will be there every step of the way.”

If trends south of the border are any indication, significant growth lies ahead in the Canadian CBN market. As of Q3 2021, CBN products had captured 10% of total edibles market share in 4 key US states (California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada), with the rapid growth expected to continue. The Canadian market is still largely untapped, with few CBN-based products available to consumers at price points that do not encourage the canna curious, or rapid adoption.

Motif Labs expects significant demand for its CBN production capacity, with products slated to hit store shelves starting in Q2 2022.

About Motif Labs

Motif Labs is a fully licensed cannabis and hemp extraction facility located in SW Ontario. Motif operates as a business-to-business enterprise, offering toll processing, contract manufacturing and white labelling services to Licensed Producers (LP’s) and 3rd Party Brands. Founded by a team of Scientists and Engineers, Motif prides itself on the core values of integrity, collaboration, and quality. The company has quickly established itself as a leader, and trusted partner, in the Canadian cannabis industry. For more information, visit https://motiflabs.ca/

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