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McMaster prof working on cure for Type 1 diabetes

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, Ritika Dubey, The Hamilton Spectator, July 26, 2022

Q and A: Dr. Harald Stover and Allarta co-founder Maria Antonakos talk about new cell-based therapy, which alleviates need for insulin injections and immune-suppressive drugs.

There’s no cure for Type 1 diabetes. But soon, courtesy of a Hamilton-based company, there could be one.

Dr. Harald Stover, a chemistry professor at McMaster University and co-founder of Allarta Life Sciences, is behind breakthrough research that aims to cure diabetes with a cell-based therapy, in which new curative cells transplanted into the body do the work to produce insulin — alleviating the need for injections and immune-suppressive drugs.

The technology, born in a McMaster laboratory, is in the early stages of implementation in Canada — 100 years after Canadian researchers developed therapeutic insulin, changing the lives of diabetics around the world.

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