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Major AI Breakthrough in Autonomous Self-Driving Technology

TORONTO, ON – June 18, 2024 Cyberworks Robotics has announced a significant advancement in autonomous self-driving technology. The company has achieved a world-first by resolving the critical issue of “Edge Case” failures in autonomous self-driving robots. Previously, self-driving robots have not reached the widespread market adoption anticipated by the media five years ago, primarily due to edge cases — reliability issues that have caused unpredictable navigation malfunctions in self-driving technology.

The resolution of Edge Cases has been a ten-year intensive R&D effort at Cyberworks that now enables these robots to operate reliably in mission-critical settings, thus clearing the path for their mass adoption in complex environments such as airports and factories for operations ranging from floor cleaning to material delivery to personal transport. Consequently, Cyberworks is collaborating with major global OEMs of industrial machinery to integrate its self-driving capabilities into their equipment.

Its newly released CyberCube, a hyper-optimized, modular, “plug & play” development system, allows OEMs, system integrators and developers to instantly add full self-driving capability to industrial equipment in weeks rather than the years that it normally takes to develop self-driving products, thereby saving tens of millions of dollars from product development budgets.

“CITM and Innovation Factory, are thrilled to be supporting Cyberworks Robotics in their commercialization journey.  Cyberworks is a great example of how an Ontario-based start-up can leverage the ecosystem of support here in Ontario, including Expert Advisor services from CITM as well as resources and grants from the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN).  Their unique autonomous technology, applied to everyday machines, is revolutionary and sets the stage for success for them and their OEM partners as they tackle solving for labour shortages, increased efficiency and improved customer experience,” said Richard Dunda, Director of the Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM).

About Cyberworks Robotics
Cyberworks Robotics is one of the world’s most experienced autonomous navigation technology companies. The founders have been pioneers in autonomous navigation technology since the 1980s with a mission to help manufacturers build better autonomous mobile products and facilitate the mass adoption of autonomous robotics in society.


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