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Korechi HCW among leading-edge AgTech displays at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Innovation Factory client, Korechi Innovations, will be showcasing their autonomous AgriTech RoamIO HCW with Haggerty AgRobotics at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show this September. The mini farming tractor reduces the labour required for repetitive tasks through automation.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, Aug 29, 2022

Woodstock, Ont., Aug 29, 2022 – Exhibitors at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show with a special focus on AgTech are set to showcase leading-edge technology right in the field from September 13, 14 & 15, 2022.

“The world of agriculture evolves at a rapid pace, and we will see many innovative products and equipment displayed at our show this year,” says Doug Wagner, president of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show. “The last few years have seen enormous growth in the agriculture technology space, so it is important for us to have a special focus on the new and exciting technology that exists today.”

Two of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show demonstrations will showcase the use of aerial agriculture technology, including:

  • A helicopter spraying demo twice daily from Great Lakes Helicopters. Visitors can watch as a helicopter passes over the field using water to demonstrate height, speed and width of application, as well as condition limits for applying the products.
  • Agricultural drone debuts from SKY AG Tech twice each day, including the XAG V40, the first tilting twin-rotor structure agricultural drone in the world, as well as the R150 UGV, the world’s first unmanned ground sprayer specifically designed for the horticulture industry.

For a look at the future of agricultural automation, three robots will be featured through the Evolution of Farming Demonstration, presented by Haggerty AgRobotics:

  • Solar Powered FarmDroid: A large-scale robot for vegetable crops that offers precision seeding and weeding. The FarmDroid is 100 per cent solar powered, which eliminates the logistical challenge of having to charge the system.
  • Naïo Dino: An electric robot that offers an autonomous solution for weeding, Dino uses cameras to detect crop rows and automatically adjusts the tools to weed as close to the crops as possible.
  • Korechi HCW and Electric RowMower: The HCW autonomously navigates up and down farmers’ fields with sub-inch accuracy, while pulling and controlling various electrically powered implements such as mowers, sprayers, spreaders and soil assessment technology.


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