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Invest Ottawa’s eNPS Spring Results: Favourite Tech Employers Revealed

Nov 2, 2023

Unlocking the secrets to a thriving workplace culture has become top of mind for tech companies striving to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive landscape. One invaluable metric in gauging employee satisfaction and loyalty is the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), a reflection of how likely employees are to recommend their workplace to others. 

An image featuring the three logos of bitHeads, MASV, and Trualta. Invest Ottawa (IO) is excited to announce the results of its recent Spring 2023 eNPS results – a semi-annual benchmarking exercise offered to high-growth tech companies in the ScaleUp program. Certain larger IO Accelerator companies that meet the 20+ employee threshold were also invited to participate in this round. 

The latest results provide a unique glimpse into the top tech companies that have successfully created environments where their employees not only work but thrive and truly love what they do.  

Custom software solutions experts bitHeads, global file transfer service firm, MASV, and caregiver support platform Trualta, are the winners of Spring 2023. These exceptional companies garnered impressive scores that make them some of the most exciting places to work in the Nation’s Capital.    

How is eNPS calculated?

An eNPS is calculated by asking employees one question: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our company as a place to work?” The scale is separated into three types of responses: 

  • Promoters (score 9-10) 
  • Passives (score 7-8) 
  • Detractors (score 0-6) 

To calculate eNPS, subtract the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. The result can range from -100 to +100, indicating overall employee sentiment. A positive score means more promoters than detractors, while a negative score suggests the opposite.  

A good eNPS score typically falls in the positive range, indicating a healthy and engaged workforce. Not only are our top three scoring companies soaring with positive scores the average score of the entire round was 46.  

“The eNPS service is an invaluable initiative that gives insight on what’s going on within your company. We’re thrilled to offer this service to our companies, and having Lynn Stevens, Invest Ottawa’s ScaleUp Human Resources and Culture Advisor, lead this service is paramount,” explains Patricia Ip, ScaleUp Program Manager. 

Lynn has been a critical part of the service since the beginning. One of the key elements of the service is allowing companies to understand the direction and set a path that keeps them moving towards excellence. Lynn onboards firms, interprets results and helps develop this path forward with each company.  

“Congratulations to these companies on their exceptional eNPS scores. It is an achievement and a testament to the enduring trust, respect, and positive rapport that has been fostered with employees. Well done on this significant achievement, and kudos to everyone for their continued commitment to cultivating a positive work environment.”  

Meet the Spring 2023 Top Scorers: 

The secret sauce. The perfect formula. We asked our top eNPS scoring companies what their companies have done to continue to attract and retain top talent. Here’s what bitHeads, MASV, and Trualta had to say.  


“We are only as successful as our people make us. We ensure interesting projects and competitive wages for all employees and pride ourselves on work-life balance and culture, even in the new mixed office reality,” explained Kerry Bent, Director, Human Resources at bitHeads. 

To ensure work-life balance is top of mind, bitHeads has a few programs they lead each month to help employees find different ways to get involved and grow as a team, but also putting themselves and their time top of mind. 

“We have exercise classes and special interest clubs meeting virtually several times a week. Our employees choose a charity of the month to recognize and raise funds for as well as nominating front-line worker groups to buy lunches for.” 

bitHeads ensures that employees are continuously rewarded for being engaged with the company while simultaneously delivering quality products.  

Click here to view available careers at bitHeads. 


“Ideas and collaboration, no matter how big or bold, are what we encourage at MASV,” explained Nia Bruno-Gibson, Head of People, Culture and Operations at MASV. “MASV is founded on a culture of learning and continuous improvement. We’re growing our product, our company , and our people each and every day.”  

MASV recognizes and puts emphasis on knowing that the company’s growth is dependent on its employee’s growth and that’s a core focus that leaders lean in on.   

“Every day is a new set of challenges, and we want our employees to solve big problems and work on projects that they are proud of and ultimately become their best selves.” 

Click here to view available careers at MASV.  


“To put it simply: our people come first! The experience we create for employees has always been at our forefront,” said Conner Logsdon, People Operations Manager at Trualta. 

In a remote-first atmosphere, building trust is a critical piece to develop with employees. To do that,Trualta aims to put an emphasis on career and professional development that aligns with the business goals, so all employees are driving forward, together.  

“From being a remote-first environment with emphasis on career development and professional goals aligned with the business, to creating a culture of autonomy that is built over time through trust and strong cross-functional collaboration, we’ve had the privilege to bring in highly talented individuals to drive our business forward. These things, combined with a mission-driven foundation in everything we do, has led us to attract and retain top-tier talent as we continue moving healthcare and technology forward for Caregivers.” 

Click here to view available careers at Trualta.  

While these three companies are the top scorers from this round of the eNPS, there are many companies within the Ottawa startup ecosystem displaying exceptional results indicating each of them have built a powerful foundation for future growth.  

“It’s a privilege to work with such forward-thinking companies in the heart of Ottawa’s thriving tech ecosystem,” said Michelle Younes, Director of Venture Programs at Invest Ottawa. “In today’s dynamic business environment, nurturing a positive workplace culture is critical to attract and retain top talent. These exceptional companies not only set the standard but also pave the way for others. We look forward to continuing to support these companies in their journey towards continued innovation and growth.”

 Looking for more career opportunities?  

Researching jobs that offer the most potential is time consuming. We’ve identified roles from Ottawa’s top 25 growing tech firms with proven market traction or are on course to becoming large-scale global enterprises.

Check out our ScalingUp job board for current open positions with top growing tech companies in Ottawa.   

To learn more about Invest Ottawa’s ScaleUp Program, click here. 

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