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Introducing the Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership: Shaping the Future of Quantum Innovation & Adoption

Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; November 7, 2023 – In a bold step towards accelerating progress in quantum technology and leadership, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership, set to debut in 2024. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to recognize and celebrate visionaries who are driving quantum’s evolution and paving the way for a quantum-powered future.

About the Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership (LPQL):

Introducing the prestigious Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership, a distinguished award that pays tribute to the remarkable contributions of quantum experts, advocates, and enthusiasts worldwide. This esteemed prize has been established to honour individuals and teams who exhibit exceptional leadership in the dynamic realm of quantum technologies and their profound impact on the world.

Named in honour of Thomas Lenahan (1808 – 1904) blacksmith and great-great grandfather of quantum strategy pioneer, Brian T. Lenahan, chair of the Quantum Strategy Institute, whose groundbreaking work has propelled quantum technologies into the forefront of global innovation through his writing and speaking globally, the Lenahan Prize recognizes excellence across three distinct categories: Strategy, Technology, and Industry Development. Each category represents a crucial facet of quantum leadership, highlighting those who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency and dedication in shaping the quantum landscape.

The Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership aims to:

  • Recognize Visionary Leaders: Acknowledge and honor individuals, organizations, or teams who demonstrate exceptional leadership in advancing quantum technologies and applications.
  • Promote Innovation: Encourage innovative thinking and the development of quantum solutions that address critical global challenges, from health to cybersecurity.
  • Foster Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration between quantum leaders, researchers, and industry stakeholders to accelerate the development and adoption of quantum technologies.
  • Inspire the Next Generation: Inspire and mentor the next generation of quantum leaders, encouraging them to pursue careers in quantum science and technology.


Nominations Open: January 2, 2024
Nomination Deadline: March 31, 2024
Winner Announcement: October 15, 2024
Award Ceremony: November 7, 2024

The Award Ceremony will take place in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with supporting partners TechPlace and Haltech Regional Innovation Centre.

How to Nominate:

Nominations for the Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership will be open to the public and must be on behalf of another party. We invite individuals and organizations from around the world to submit nominations for those who have made significant contributions to the field of quantum technology, it’s adoption and commercialization. Further details on the nomination process, including nomination forms, will be available on the official website, Quantum Strategy Institute (https://quantumstrategyinstitute.com), starting January 2, 2024.

Prize Categories:

The Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership will be awarded in multiple categories, recognizing leaders from various sectors, including:

  • Industry Development Category: The Industry Development category of the Lenahan Prize acknowledges those who have championed the cause of quantum technologies through their unwavering commitment to raising awareness, fostering education, and building supportive communities.
  • Strategy Category: In the Strategy category, the Lenahan Prize celebrates individuals and teams that have exhibited remarkable strategic insight, guiding the development and implementation of quantum technologies.
  • Technology Category: The Technology category of the Lenahan Prize recognizes innovators who have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in quantum science and technology. 

We invite quantum scientists, technologists, consumers, educators, and enthusiasts worldwide to join us in this exciting journey towards shaping the quantum future. Whether you are a nominee, nominator, or a quantum enthusiast, your participation and support are essential to the success of the Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership.

Together, we can celebrate and empower the leaders who will propel us into a new era of quantum innovation and transformation.

Media & Sponsors

For media inquiries and sponsorship opportunities only, please contact:
Lenahan Prize Administrator – [email protected]

About the Quantum Strategy Institute:

The Quantum Strategy Institute is a global think tank of quantum experts and enthusiasts dedicated to the acceleration of the adoption of quantum technologies worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and a vision for a brighter future, we are proud to be affiliated with the launch the Lenahan Prize in Quantum Leadership, an initiative that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the quantum landscape.

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