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Interview: How This MedTech Startup is Expediting Their Entry into the U.S. with Power Panel

Building on the success of the Southwestern Ontario Power Panel Program, piloted from November – March 2021, the CAN/U.S. Canada Power Panel program aims to expand mentorship and strategic connection opportunities for women-owned technology and innovation companies in Southwestern Ontario. Participating companies will have the opportunity to accelerate their skills development and be able to leverage US high powered, influential mentors from outside of their usual networks. This is particularly important for women identifying how to capture growth opportunities in new or adjacent markets as the economy recovers post COVID.

We sat down with Haltech member, Itzel Álvarez, Co-founder & Business Development Director at Cardiotrack and recent Power Panel participant, to share with us her experience and takeaways.

What inspired you to join Power Panel?

“What led me to participate in the PowerPanel was meeting other women entrepreneurs in the medical technology industry” – Itzel writes. “When I received the email from Haltech, I was very touched by the fact that it was focused on businesswomen giving me advice on how to continue expanding my company and feedback on my business model. In addition, it was going to be my first time pitching. I was very excited by the idea of ​​being able to practice in a controlled and friendly place.”

What support were you seeking most?

“At Cardiotrack, we are building our business model, and we are looking for an institution to carry out our clinical validation trial. This will help us to be able to demonstrate the benefits that the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases provides to the health sector in matters of time, money and reach. For this reason, it seemed to be a good idea that people who have already gone through the same path could guide me.”

What value did you take away from your experience at Power Panel?

“The day I did my pitch, I was really nervous. But I felt really well; the confidence that all the mentors gave me and the controlled environment were excellent opportunities to take away my fears and talk about what I am passionate about.” Itzel goes on to say: “The Power Panel mentors gave me excellent advice about entering the market in the United States. They even offered to contact several people who could help me carry out a clinical validation, which we are currently searching for.”

Why might you encourage other women entrepreneurs in Ontario to take advantage of future opportunities like Power Panel?

“I recommend all women entrepreneurs to seek programs like the Power Panel, where they can talk with other people who have already gone through the same path. It can be beneficial to have someone to guide them on the best approach. In addition, there is no better place to do it than a well-disposed space where you can take away any fear of speaking since they are there to support you. As a woman, I am glad that among women, we support each other and that thanks to the fact that we are part of the Haltech community, I can have access to it.”

Learn more about the CAN/U.S. Canada Power Panel program and apply here.

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