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Insight Medbotics appoints Fazila Seker as CEO

This press release was originally released by Insight Medbotics on Newswire on May 2, 2023. Read the original release here.

Insight Medbotics’ Board of Directors, a medical device company combining the accuracy of MRI with the precision of robotics, are pleased to announce they have appointed Fazila Seker as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. She will also serve on the company’s board of directors. Seker replaces Paul Chipperton, who was CEO and president for two years.

IGAR, Insight Mebotics’ MRI-compatible robot, has clinically demonstrated its use in breast biopsies for breast cancer patients. Other possible applications include therapeutic delivery and device placement. (CNW Group/Insight Medbotics)

Insight Medbotics is developing MRI-guided robotics to bring together the insights only MRI can provide with the minimally invasive access and precision of robotics. The company’s MRI-compatible robot, IGAR, has clinically demonstrated its use in breast biopsies for breast cancer patients. Other possible applications include therapeutic delivery and device placement.

Over twenty years, Seker has nurtured new technologies through the commercialization process in Canada and the U.S. by building teams, raising growth funds, and bringing people together for impact in healthcare, energy, and specialty materials sectors. She served as Program Leader for GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY; Director of Technology and Venture Development for MaRS Innovation in Toronto, Canada; and as President & CEO of MOLLI Surgical (2018–22).

After co-founding MOLLI Surgical, a Canadian company that develops devices to guide precision surgeries for a better patient experience, Fazila became the company’s first CEO. She led the company through FDA and Health Canada clearance for its flagship breast cancer surgery product. Under her leadership, MOLLI Surgical established sales and clinical operations in the U.S. and Canada. Within four years, their efforts meant patients at some of the world’s top hospitals—such as Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada and The Christ Hospital Health Network in Ohio—were able to benefit from the company’s groundbreaking medical technology.

Building high-performance, award-winning cultures means Fazila’s teams have been recognized for their work with a variety of awards across her career. Those accolades include Gold in the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards in the ER & OR (tools and supplies category); Time Best Inventions 2022; Fast Company Next Big Things in Tech 2022; the 2021 list of Best WorkplacesTM Managed by Women; and the 2022 list of Best WorkplacesTM in Health Care.

In her new role, Seker will lead the Insight Medbotics team as they advance MRI-guided robotic technology to procedures where accuracy and precision matter most to patients, physicians and hospitals. She will also oversee the company’s partnerships, product development, and regulatory efforts.

“We are delighted to welcome Fazila as Insight Medbotics’ new CEO. Her track record in the medical devices space, particularly in bringing early-stage technology to market while fostering strong, collaborative corporate cultures, made her an ideal choice.”
~ Dean Mosca, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Insight Medbotics

“I’m excited to join Insight Medbotics’ team during this unprecedented era in health care. The convergence of more accessible MRI imaging, artificial intelligence and robotics together offer unique opportunities for our technology to improve quality of life for patients. I believe great teams do great things, and the quality of our board and clinical advisors gives me confidence in our ability to impact people’s lives in ways that weren’t possible before.”
~ Fazila Seker, CEO and member of the Board of Directors, Insight Medbotics

Insight Medbotics was created as a start-up company by the Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation (CSii), and MDA, one of Canada’s largest and best-known high-tech companies and the world leader in space robotics and the creator of the Canadarm. The company also received significant funding to develop its technology— including product prototype and clinical testing via CSii and the Canadian Government’s Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program.

About Insight Medbotics

Insight Medbotics is developing MRI-guided robotics to advance its technology to procedures where accuracy and precision matter most to patients, physicians and hospitals. IGAR, the company’s MRI-compatible robot, has been clinically demonstrated in breast cancer patients. The company has submitted a FDA 510(k) application for breast biopsy, and envisions development in other biopsies, therapy delivery and device placement. Learn more at https://insightmedbotics.com.

SOURCE: Insight Medbotics

For further information: Elizabeth Monier-Williams for Insight Medbotics, Email: [email protected]

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