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ICUBE at UTM: Summer Ideation Lab Program

originally published: 2023-04-27 13:27:38

Application Screening Process

All applications will be evaluated against program criteria in the following steps:

  • Initial screening by program staff to ensure basic eligibility
  • Eligible applications will be reviewed by a panel of internal and external industry experts, and assigned numerical grades
  • Grading will be averaged across the judging panel, and the top teams will be offered a place in the program

Judging Criteria

The panel of reviewers will be provided a rubric to score applications against the following criteria.

  • Completion
    • Is the application complete?
    • Are all questions answered in detail?
  • Novelty and Compelling Nature of the Idea
    • Is this an industry that is already well represented in ICUBE?
    • Is the idea unique, interesting, and demonstrates potential?
  • Impact
    • Will this solution impact lives in a meaningful way?
    • Is there a large market for this idea?
    • Does the solution address a widespread problem?
  • Alignment with Programming
    • Is the Ideation Lab program will positioned to address the challenges faced by the entrepreneur?
    • Can the Ideation Lab program address the main priorities of the entrepreneur?
    • Is the venture at the right stage for this program?
  • Attention to accessibility/inclusiveness
    • Ideation Lab provides value-based entrepreneurship education. Is this business idea and the founding team attentive accessibility, inclusiveness, and social issues?
  • The Entrepreneur
    • Does the founding team have the right skills to pursue entrepreneurship at this time?
    • Is the founder committed to this program and furthering this idea?
    • Does the applicant demonstrate professionalism?

Ideation Lab’s dedication to promoting diversity in our teams includes a commitment to ensuring every cohort accurately reflects our community, welcoming folks of all gender identities, sexual originations, races and ages, and actively creating space for marginalized change-makers and under-represented disciplines

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