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Humans of Innovation Guelph – Evan Forster

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What/where do you consider your hometown?

 I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

 Do you have a talent, hobby or skill people wouldn’t expect? If so, do tell! 

I’m very passionate about sports and video games, whether it’s playing them or watching them. I played competitive baseball for several years growing up and now I play in a men’s softball league. I’m a big Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors fan.

What brings you joy? When are you happiest?

I’m the happiest when I’m able to relax and spend time with my friends, family, and my two cats.

 Is there one experience in your life that really changed you or shaped who you are and made you think differently?

 Rather than just one experience that has changed or shaped me or made me think differently, I feel I’ve had many throughout the years, mainly playing baseball. I had so many great coaches and teammates that taught me how to be a part of a successful team and made me who I am today.

 If there was a theme song to your life, what would it be?

 A song that came to mind right away is Beautiful Day by U2. My mom is a huge fan of theirs and always played this growing up, and it’s always been one of my favourites.

Who in your life has had the biggest impact?

 My parents had the biggest impact on my life, they have always been there for me. My dad is a small business owner, which is one of the reasons I chose to study business.

 If you had a day off to spend any way you wish, what would you do and why?

 I would sleep in till noon, have a big breakfast/lunch, meet up with my friends and throw a ball around at the park, then go to a restaurant and have a nice big meal and watch the Blue Jays game.

 When do you feel the most content? (Please describe)

 I feel the most content after I’ve had a productive day and I get to sit down and play video games online with my friends or watch a movie with some popcorn.


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