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How to Repurpose 1 Piece of Content 8 Different Ways

Many marketers and startups know how hard it can be to get their content to rise above the noise of today’s crowded social media landscape. This blog post will teach you how to take one piece of content and repurpose it in 8 different ways.

Why bother repurposing content?

Aside from the obvious allure of recycling (less work, more time saved), there are a number of strategic benefits to repurposing your content for social media including:

  • Reinforcing your brand’s messaging
  • Giving content an SEO boost
  • Reaching audiences who missed a piece of content on its first round of promotion

Step 1: Create a long form video for YouTube

This long form video will act as the “master” or overarching piece of content that you will use to repurpose for output on other platforms like social media, your podcast channel if you have one, and your blog. In order for this piece of content to be repurposed easily, creating this long form video as a video-recorded podcast may work best.

Step 2: Extract audio, audio + video, and transcript separately

When you’re done editing your long form video for YouTube, you will want to turn it into 3 different kinds of media.


Podcasts have become a huge method for consuming media among Canadians in recent years. In fact, a poll from The Podcast Exchange found that 29% of Canadian adults listen to podcasts at least once a month.

Export just the audio track from your project file. Once you’ve exported, you’ll have an audio file. This will be useful for things like podcasts.

Audio + Video

Video sharing sites like YouTube have been around for many years. In addition to uploading your long form video to YouTube, there are more ways to share your video content in bite sized pieces, perfect for fast and effective consumption among your audience.

Export the entire video and audio track from your project file to create your overarching long form YouTube video we talked about earlier. From here, you can take the most exciting or attention-grabbing parts of your video and cut them into short clips ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute each. You can use these short video clips in 4 different ways:

  • Upload to Instagram Reels
  • Upload to TikTok
  • Upload to Pinterest as an Idea Pin
  • Upload to YouTube Shorts

You may also choose to upload these short video clips to Twitter or LinkedIn as well, but these social media sites have many desktop users, meaning your content will have large black bars on the left and right when viewed on a computer.


While many people prefer to consume content in either video or audio formats, traditional blog posts still have a place in today’s media stimulated world. Create a transcript of your overarching long form YouTube video and use this in a blog post. As an extra step, go ahead and embed the long form YouTube video into the blog post so you can continue to drive visitors to your video. This way, you’re maximizing traffic to your content, getting you the exposure you need.

Next, promote this blog post to your email list and share it on social media.

Step 3: Publishing

So, now you have many different pieces of content. Let’s go over what you’ve got so far:

  • 1 long form video for YouTube
  • 1 audio track
  • Bite sized video clips from your long form YouTube video
  • Transcript from your long form YouTube video

To recap, here’s all the places you can put this content:

  1. YouTube (long form video + audio)
  2. Podcast platform of your choice (audio file)
  3. Instagram Reels (bite sized video clips with audio)
  4. TikTok (bite sized video clips with audio)
  5. Pinterest (bite sized video clips with audio)
  6. YouTube Shorts (bite sized video clips with audio)
  7. Blog post (transcript of long form video)
  8. Email list + social media (promote blog post)

We know that not every startup may want to take advantage of every repurposing method highlighted above. This blog post is meant to show you the number of options that are out there for you to leverage. Decisions on where to put your content will depend on the type of audience you are targeting, and which platforms they are or aren’t using.

Image credit: Unsplash. Photo by Kate Oseen.

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