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Happy dog, Happy life – How Kabo Helps Owners Find Dog Food to Fit Their Lifestyle

“Pandemic Puppy” has become a term that nearly 2 years into the Covid-19 Pandemic has become well known. Pet ownership, specifically dog ownership, has skyrocketed, as people began to realize the importance of companionship and the joy that pets can bring to the lives of us humans. Wanting health and happiness for their pets, dog parents turned to e-commerce-based dog food brand, Kabo, for the best of the best in dog food, pet owner support, and a genuine understanding of life with a furry friend. Founded by Western University alum Vino and Vijay Jeyapalan shortly before the pandemic in 2019 and soaring with exponential growth in an online market, dog food extraordinaire, Kabo, has become the best friend of dog parents and pups alike. Understanding the nuances of health and wellness in individual pets, Kabo provides an understanding of dog and owner needs in a way that retail stores cannot. With a simple mission to help our furry friends live a happier and healthier life, Kabo allows dog parents to come to their website and have a unique experience, deciding on dog food that is suitable for each individual dog, owner, and lifestyle.  

The platform is simple – dog owners input information about their dog, including name, age, activity level, and more. With that information, Kabo uses an algorithm thoughtfully curated by veterinarians and professionals to figure out how many calories that individual dog should consume. Kabo then presents products and feeding plans that are most suitable for that dog, and the owner is given options to choose from. Giving owners both dry and freshly cooked food options, as well as a subscription-based membership that allows for shipments tailored to each individual owner’s schedule and capacity, Kabo does the work to ensure the best care for each pup. As most entrepreneurial stories begin, Kabo was inspired by the Founding brothers’ experience owning their first ever dog aptly named Kabo. Having experienced the pain that many dog owners can relate to, attempting to understand the individual and sometimes tricky nuances of dog health, they understood the importance of having professionals by your side. As their dog Kabo grew older, her health complications continued, and it was then that the Kabo founders understood the purpose of their venture – to make these tough, hard, and emotional parts of owning a dog and caring for their health a little bit easier. “We care about our pets every day, and the more educated we can be, the more we can apply that education,” says Vino Jeyapalan, CEO and Founder of Kabo “With diet and activity being the biggest drivers in pet health, we wanted to solve the issues pet owners were having and give them that time and energy back to spend enjoying their dogs”. Kabo is helping to create livable and easy to follow diet plans for each dog to have the best chance at a full and happy life while taking some of the stress off of dog parents as a necessary and ingenious way to show a little extra love to our furry family members.  

Arguably, the best part of this business model is the comradery from Kabo, acting as another loved one in your pet’s life who puts care and detail into wanting the best for them. “Once you’re a Kabo subscriber, you have Kabo beside you raising your dog(s) with you”, says Vino Jeyapalan, “You no longer have to think about every diet detail, because you have our uniquely tailored food and access to resources to help you”. Membership expands beyond dog food, as Kabo’s focus on health and happiness recently generated a new membership perk of being paired with an animal health expert. Subscribers now have access to veterinarians and vet techs who get matched with each onboarded customer. With capabilities to see the dog’s data and even have one-on-one conversations via text or email with dog owners, unique health considerations can be prioritized, and pet parents can access guidance while transitioning their dogs to new diets and getting professional support for nutritional needs without the added stress of a high vet bill. Of course, these experts will suggest a vet visit when necessary.  

Making education and pet ownership even more unique and special, Kabo adds the little perks for members that enable more joy and fun in dog ownership, such as dog-safe ice cream during national ice cream month, Monch bars (the equivalent of a granola bar for hikers and travelers – but for dogs), and a compelling Instagram presence that includes enough cute dog pictures to make anyone’s day. With plans to continue their inspiring growth and eventual goals of expansion to other pet products including those for cats, rabbits, and other exotic pets, the future of Kabo is barking with opportunity.  

Find the perfect dog food made by dog lovers for your best furry friend at www.kabo.co 

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