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Greenii Inc: Transforming Newspapers into Sustainable Paper Bags


Discover how Greenii Inc. is giving old paper a second life.


At Haltech Regional Innovation Centre, we are proud to acknowledge the remarkable success of our client, Greenii Inc. This Halifax-based company has made waves in the sustainable manufacturing industry by revolutionizing the way we view old newspapers and magazines. By upcycling these materials, Greenii Inc. has not only created a range of stylish paper bags but also contributed to the conservation of our precious forests. Today, we celebrate their achievements and the positive impact they have made on our environment.

A Sustainable Solution

Greenii Inc. is driven by a simple yet powerful mission: to create a more sustainable future by repurposing discarded newspapers and magazines. Through their innovative process, they transform these materials into high-quality paper bags that are both functional and environmentally friendly. With a production capacity of 3000 to 4000 bags per week, Greenii Inc. is making a significant contribution to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.

Recognized on Maritime Made

The success of Greenii Inc. recently caught the attention of Maritime Made, a popular TV program that highlights Nova Scotia’s manufacturers and their exceptional work. The show provided an inside look into the operations of Greenii Inc., featuring Founder & CEO Purush Cannane. Viewers were taken on a journey through the production process, witnessing firsthand how Greenii turns old newspapers and magazines into beautiful paper bags. Furthermore, the program showcased the company’s commitment to sourcing sustainable materials and its dedication to creating a greener future for all.

Involvement in i.d.e.a. Fund

in 2022, Greenii Inc. was selected as one of 20 Haltech-supported recipients for the Government of Canada-funded i.d.e.a. Fund program. The program supports a more sustainable economy while fostering an inclusive and equitable recovery in southern Ontario by providing recipients who are committed to reducing their impact on the environment with up to $30,000 of non-repayable seed funding and expert business advisory services.

Environmental Impact

Thanks to Greenii Inc.’s efforts, over 70 trees have been saved from being cut down, as these upcycled paper bags serve as a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic or paper options. By choosing Greenii bags, consumers are actively participating in the fight against deforestation and promoting a circular economy. Greenii Inc.’s commitment to environmental sustainability resonates with eco-conscious individuals who seek to make a positive impact through their purchasing choices.


Greenii Inc. has proven itself as a shining example of how innovative thinking and sustainable practices can reshape industries. By repurposing old newspapers and magazines into stylish paper bags, Greenii Inc. is reducing waste, conserving trees, and creating a brighter future for our planet. We commend the dedication of Founder & CEO Purush Cannane and the entire Greenii team for their contributions to sustainability. We take pride in our continued support for companies like Greenii Inc. as they continue to pave the way for a greener and more eco-friendly world.

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