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Global Runway Program helps Tokyo-based company, Ayudante to make a soft landing in Ottawa

Jun 26, 2023

Ayudante is based in Tokyo, Japan and last year, they chose Ottawa as the ideal place to open a new office.

But why choose Ottawa? Ayudante’s Global Lead and Sr. Analytics Consultant, Jose Uzecategui explains not only why Ottawa is ideal for Canadian operations, but how the Global Runway program helped to make the transition easier.

Ayudante:  Expert Guidance in the Integration of Google Products

Ayudante is a Tokyo-based digital marketing and analytics consulting agency—emerging as Japan’s first Google-certified agency in 2009. The company works closely with SMEs and enterprises to evolve how they understand their customers, improve on their digital strategy, and action new data-driven tactics.

Beyond digital marketing and analytics, Ayudante offers mobile app analytics and development, custom data management platforms, and reporting. For example, it developed EVsmart, Japan’s leading electric vehicle charging station mobile map app. It also developed QuickDMP, which unifies and actions data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, and Google Search.

In a March 2022, it was announced that Ayudante’s Jose Uzecategui would head up the North American expansion of their operations. “I am thrilled to be leading the expansion of Ayudante to Canada and North America!”, he said. “I will still be part of the Ayudante team, continue to support our global clients in Japan and abroad, and hopefully be able to provide value to new clients with offices in the area.”

After relocating to Ottawa in spring 2022, Jose Uzecategui is now Global Lead / Sr. Analytics Consultant.

Why Ottawa?

Reflecting on the reasons Ottawa was chosen as the ideal location for Canadian operations, he says, “There are many reasons. As an international company working in the technology sector, Ayudante already knew about Ottawa’s reputation as a tech city. Geographically, it is close to international borders and other large cities. The economy is backed by government industry and an entrepreneurial spirit. It has a stable economy.”

Uzecategui adds, “We also considered Ottawa because of its cultural diversity and quality of life. Ottawa offers open spaces and readily available nature.”

Uzecategui describes the eventual introductions to Invest Ottawa as involving a “chain of people” in university circles. He had previously travelled to Vancouver, Toronto and Waterloo. He says the information provided by Invest Ottawa was “foundational” to Ayudante’s final decision to establish Canadian operations in Ottawa.

A Soft Landing through IO’s Global Runway Program Facilitated Ayudante’s Expansion into Canada

Regarding Invest Ottawa’s Global Runway Program, Uzecategui says, “The Global Runway program has helped us in every facet of our business launch in Canada—from helping us better understand Ottawa as a city and connecting us with corporate lawyers, accountants and other resources to set up a corporation, to our current shared office space location and community connections.”

Uzecategui currently works in the same building as Invest Ottawa. He says, “The installations at Bayview Yards are beautiful. Invest Ottawa’s location is convenient for transitional purposes as we consider where to set up dedicated office space in the Ottawa region.”

Through the Global Runway program, Invest Ottawa’s global expansion team saves you time, connecting you directly with recruitment and commercial real estate professionals, potential business advisors and associates, research and development sites, government regulators and policy makers, embassy staff and any other contacts you need to support your business.

Find out more about the Global Runway Program here.


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