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Giving a digital edge to a traditional business

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Many people have been tenants who have been put off by lengthy rental application forms or landlords who struggled with the overwhelming admin work that comes with managing investment properties. The rental industry has typically been non-changing for the longest time, relying largely on paper-based transactions and in-person interaction. This scene is now changing with an increasing number of landlords adopting digital methods to serve their tenants.

Tenantcube aims to take it a step further and create an environment for landlords and tenants where the entire rental experience is elevated. Landlords and property managers should be able to manage their properties in a streamlined and stress-free manner so they can develop better relationships with their tenants and give them a better renting experience, reducing turnover and increasing profitability.

Andrews Moses, the CEO and Founder of Tenantcube had a tough experience as a new landlord and seriously considered getting out of the game for good. However, he had this firm belief- every problem has a solution, so why not this one?

“Every landlord I spoke to had something to add to the horror. And tenants weren’t far behind- they had their fair share of bitter experiences too, with regard to the services. The solutions available in the market were too expensive to the DIY landlord and too complicated. I wanted things to change, as a landlord and as a tenant. I decided to roll-up my sleeves and get to work. Necessity inspired innovation and Tenantcube was the final result”, says Andrews Moses.

So how does Tenantcube make life easy for landlords and tenants?

Cloud-based reusable rental application: No more filling out multiple application forms for every property tenants apply to. By creating a cloud-based and reusable renters profile on Tenantcube once, tenants can apply to multiple properties in a jiffy. Landlords can receive a comprehensive rental application making it easy to make a decision on renting.

Tenant onboarding and management: Manage the complete rental process online, from listing and advertising vacant properties, to onboarding new tenants- signing lease, collecting deposits, and up to moving tenants in, everything is handled online.

Work order management: Maintaining rental properties is one of the biggest roles played by a property owner/manager. It directly affects your tenant’s living situation and it is important to make sure the property can be enjoyed by your tenants. Tenantcube’s work order management system can help tenants and landlords connect easily, coordinate with service professionals and see progress in real time.

With a vision to make the tenancy process as seamless and hassle-free as possible, Tenantcube is slowly but steadily expanding its horizons. Their next target is to open up the platform to the public in April. Tenantcube is currently in the beta testing stage and the reviews get better every day.

A lot of people have been a landlord or tenant at some point in their lives and is all too familiar with the difficulties that accompany it. Tenantcube could very well be the boat out of that particular bog!

Andrews Moses is the CEO & Founder of Tenantcube. With Niagara Falls as his chosen home after graduating from Brock University, he is a tech investor and entrepreneur committed to bringing smart business solutions to everybody. Get in touch with him to learn more at [email protected] or meet him on LinkedIn.

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