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FluidAI’s AI-powered postsurgical monitor, Stream™ Platform, launches globally

Revolutionizing postoperative patient care through real-time data-driven solutions, Canadian medtech venture, FluidAI Medical is embarking on a new journey with their ground-breaking medical device, the Stream™ Platform in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Through this platform, surgeons will have the potential to make a more accurate and timely diagnosis of postoperative leaks, dreaded complications of digestive tract surgeries, which can lead to better treatment outcomes, improved quality of life for the patient and lesser implications on the healthcare system due to reduced length of stay. Equipped with the Origin™ Inline Device which gathers patient data from the surgical site; and the Delta™ Bedside Monitor that utilizes the Stream™ app to analyze and display the patient data, this AI-powered postoperative monitor may prompt surgeons to intervene 80% sooner if the patient is at the risk of developing an anastomotic leak.

Launching through their strategic partnerships with Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS Ltd.) and Gulf Medical Co. Ltd. in Canada and Saudi Arabia respectively, this innovation marks an exciting new chapter in postoperative care around the world. “The launch of Stream™ Platform is a pivotal milestone in addressing the critical need we hear from surgeons across the globe: patients suffer from life-threatening complications, and we don’t catch them soon enough. With a data-driven approach backed by artificial intelligence, we can predict complications and enable preventative medicine – an entirely new paradigm of care that is precise and tailored to individual patient needs,” shares Yousself Helwa, CEO and Co-Founder of FluidAI Medical.

FluidAI Medical has previously been recognized for their novel solution as TechAlliance’s Limitless 2023 Breakthrough Award Finalist. With an existing relationship between Amr Abdelgawad, COO and Co-Founder of FluidAI and Andrew Leest, Manager of Venture Growth, as former colleagues, along with advisory hours spent with our Venture Growth Advisor, Dr. Martin Smith, FluidAI Medical’s achievement is a huge win for the TechAlliance team and the Southwestern Ontario innovation corridor. “The innovations launched by the FluidAI team solve a longstanding issue facing clinicians and healthcare teams. Their technology will significantly improve the way we provide care to patients for the better. FluidAI is a true success story for the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape,” shares Dr. Smith.

For more information or to explore the Stream™ Platform, visit https://fluidai.md/ 


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