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Easing The Burden: How Health Espresso Is Leading The Way In a Digital-First Healthcare System

An emerging digital-first, enhanced virtual system is not only closing the communication gaps within healthcare, but is also easing the burden on emergency departments, lowering costs and providing enhanced care for isolated seniors and those living in remote areas. Leading the charge in this transformation is a unique in-cloud platform: Health Espresso.


It is a time to be collaborative, efficient, and practical.” – Dr. Lubna Tirmizi


Certified by the Ontario TeleHealth Network (OTN), Health Espresso is a patient-centered, collaborative Inter-professional Virtual Health Record (IPVHR) that connects allied health professionals, primary physicians, hospitals, caregivers/home care agencies and patients in one secure and private in-cloud platform in real time, enabling health care providers to virtualize their practice and make informed decisions at the point of care. It’s a unique, unmatched tool that goes far beyond the capabilities of Telehealth for patients in Ontario — especially those in remote areas — empowering them to self-manage their health and eliminate the risk of falling through gaps in care continuum.

“Acute care and community clinicians need a special synergy to care for their patients.  It is a time to be collaborative, efficient, and practical.” says Chief Medical Officer for Health Espresso, Dr. Lubna Tirmizi, “Health Espresso has enabled our regional community virtual care clinic to register and triage patients to the right place.  Over the last few months, we have successfully worked with our local hospital system to help divert non acute patients from the Emergency Room to community physicians, allowing more space in the hospital for emergent clinic scenarios.”

The secure in-cloud Inter-Professional Virtual Health Record (IPVHR) fills the communication gaps left behind by traditional health care by providing health care professionals with the ability to both access and add to pertinent information, vitals, medication lists, patient history, notes from appointments, lab and hospital reports and view imaging results all in one centralized location. Health Espresso’s remote patient monitoring system is also equipped with secure messaging, patient-physician appointment

scheduling, built-in video capability, an image-capture-and-share feature for wound monitoring, and an AI-powered voice communication tool, similar to Siri and Alexa, that generates appointment and medication reminders as well as missed-dosage alerts.

Health Espresso was created by Spark Centre client Rick Menassa, founder of the award-winning care agency for seniors and children with disabilities iCARE Home Health. Inspired by the gaps in home care for seniors aging in place and by post-discharge patients who were experiencing preventable critical health events and hospital readmissions, Menassa wanted to close communication gaps with a “circle of care” and inter-professional care teams.

“I’m so proud of the Health Espresso team for successfully improving the lives of Canadians by using an enhanced Telehealth approach to transform isolated care delivery services at the point of care into a care continuum model between patient and healthcare professionals.” Menassa says, “By combining Health Espresso’s built-in OTN certified, secure messaging and video tool with real-time remote patient monitoring as well as the ability to document services on a connected, inter-operative digital patient profile and care plan, we’re delivering improved access and better outcomes to the underserved population.”

Health Espresso is currently being utilized by more than 60,000 patients in addition to hospitals like Lakeridge Health and Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). It is also available to long-term health facilities and insurance companies.

For more information on Health Espresso visit https://www.healthespresso.com/


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