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Creating a more effective renting experience with QuickCasa

In the dynamic world of residential sales, the initial connection with potential renters or buyers is crucial. QuickCasa emerged as a groundbreaking solution designed specifically for residential communities. By integrating the power of conversational AI, QuickCasa transforms the initial stages of lead engagement and pre-qualification into a seamless experience. Unlike conventional chatbots, QuickCasa prides itself on being a fluid conversational partner through both chat and SMS, able to form personalized connections and provide tailored responses to prospective residents. It stands not merely as a tool but as an extension of the residential sales teams, built to provide flexibility and customizability in managing prospects and streamlining showings and lease applications.

Founded by Dayna Voisin, Stephen McCabe, and Pat Wilken, QuickCasa began with the goal of reducing time spent responding to rental leads and making the renter journey more accessible by supporting leads in over 150 languages. Built as an enterprise solution for real estate brokerages and investors, developers, and property management and asset management companies, QuickCasa works closely with their clients to provide personalized lead engagement solutions unique to each of their residential communities.

We understand each company is different from the next in how they handle their residential sales, and we want their QuickCasa AI agents to be the best representation of their company and communities.

Dayna Voisin, Co-Founder of QuickCasa

QuickCasa customers receive real time lead summary emails with the lead score based on their pre-qualification requirements, happiness level, and key intents from the conversation. The QuickCasa AI agent hands the lead over to the property manager or leasing team in a very natural way, allowing the live agent to continue closing the sale.

QuickCasa handles every initial conversation to make sure renters get the information they need, and our clients get the leads that are the best fit for their community. QuickCasa can also make referrals to other properties to ensure every lead is handled with care.

QuickCasa’s beta program takes off

Since the launch of our beta program January of this year, QuickCasa has quickly moved from concept to reality, successfully onboarding two customers while currently in the process of onboarding 4 more, and actively engaging with many others who have shown an interest in trying QuickCasa across their properties. By month’s end, we anticipate supporting over 70 units, marking a promising start to our journey.

TechAlliance: a catalyst for growth

TechAlliance’s influence has been pivotal in shaping QuickCasa’s trajectory. With a keen eye on our product and sales strategy, they have provided invaluable support in connecting us with key players in the real estate and multifamily housing sectors. The Vice President of TechAlliance, Melissa Maloney, has been instrumental in accelerating our growth and fundraising plans, offering strategic insights that have honed our approach to market expansion.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience from the GROW Accelerator, QuickCasa is ready to expand our marketing efforts and reach, approaching a powerful scale.

Stephen McCabe, Co-Founder of QuickCasa
The horizon: QuickCasa’s vision for the future

QuickCasa is not just meeting its mission—it’s exceeding it. As Canada’s AI agent for residential communities, we are passionate about contributing to the development of affordable housing. Our system streamlines lead inquiries and move-ins efficiently and cost-effectively, aligning with our broader goal to support Canadian housing providers and developers in the affordable housing strategy. We envision QuickCasa as an integral player

in ensuring Canadians have access to affordable homes, fostering a community where support and efficiency helps get people into homes more effectively.

To learn more about QuickCasa visit https://www.quickcasa.ai/

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