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ConSoul launches caregiving support solution at Collision 2024

The caregiving service is the first of its kind in Canada, and will be exclusively available to Collision 2024 attendees until June 23, 2024

Toronto, Ontario ConSoul, a new platform for caregiver support solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its service at Collision 2024. Attendees of the event will have exclusive access to the ConSoul app, which offers a comprehensive platform addressing the unique challenges faced by caregivers, who are at risk of leaving the workforce without adequate support from their employers. 

The app provides employees who are caregivers access to respite services, learning resources, community support, and personalised assistance. As part of a company’s employee benefits package, ConSoul aims to ensure caregivers can remain active members of the workforce and continue to contribute meaningfully at work. ConSoul wants to make caregiving more manageable and change the way caregivers receive support and resources in the workplace. 

According to 2024 data from the World Economic Forum, there are 606 million women absent from the workforce due to caregiving duties — resulting in a staggering $9 trillion loss in global GDP. As the Boomer generation ages into their senior years, more Gen X and Millenial women will face the need to leave the workforce to provide care for relatives. These women can also be stuck in the “sandwich generation”: Raising children while also providing care to ageing parents and relatives. 

“Caring for loved ones while juggling work responsibilities can be immensely challenging, especially for women — who comprise more than 60% of caregivers in the workplace,” said Cindy Diogo, ConSoul’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our mission is to empower caregivers by providing them with the resources and support necessary to thrive.” 

ConSoul addresses the need to acknowledge and support a significant segment of the workforce: those balancing professional responsibilities with caregiving duties outside the workplace. By integrating ConSoul into their benefits package, employers can stop the brain drain before it starts, enhancing retention rates and fostering a more inclusive work environment. 

ConSoul’s commitment to supporting family caregivers also promotes women’s equity in the workplace by sharing caregiving responsibilities among family and friends. This approach aims to reduce burnout and promote wellness among caregivers. 

“At ConSoul, we believe that supporting family caregivers is a collective effort,” said Stefanie Kociuba, Co-Founder, and COO. “We’re here to assist caregivers at all stages, from new mothers to generational caregivers.” 

Stefanie and Cindy founded ConSoul after personal caregiving experiences and losing loved ones to cancer. Cindy lost her father, while Stefanie lost her husband to colon cancer just six months after their wedding. The pandemic made this period even more challenging for Stefanie, as support from family and friends was limited 

ConSoul will be available to the public on June 23, 2024. Caregivers can download the app without a company licence, and make use of the mental health tracking feature, caregiving network alerts, and educational resources. Companies interested in partnering with ConSoul to support their caregiver employees can visit consoulapp.com for more information or reach out to Cindy Diogo. 

About ConSoul: 

ConSoul is committed to tackling the global caregiver crisis, addressing the staggering impact on global GDP due to caregiving duties. Our platform prioritizes caregiver well-being through respite services, learning resources, and community engagement, advocating for systemic change and championing the support of working women and caregivers worldwide. 

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals, ConSoul is dedicated to promoting gender equity, good health, and well-being. We believe in creating a world where caregivers are supported, empowered, and able to thrive personally and professionally. 

Cindy Diogo 
Co-Founder, CEO 
[email protected] 
437 992 3506

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