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Boosting Canadian manufacturing: Supporting innovators with MMRI and McSCert

Leveraging local resources to navigate the manufacturing industry 

Canada’s manufacturing industry accounts for 10% of the total Canadian GDP (Gross Domestic Product). That is approximately more than $100 billion of the national GDP according to a report from KPMG. The manufacturing industry is consistently trying to grow. But, the high cost of production, specifically in the transportation sector, can slow that growth down. What does this mean? Fewer companies can get to the point of mass adoption of their product which can lead to reduced interest from investors and end-users in adopting their technology. For innovators who are looking to start their commercialization journey, it is a huge challenge to overcome, and tapping into the local resources and ecosystem can be a helpful place to start. 

The McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI) is one of Canada’s leading advanced research laboratories located in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. It is a hub where industry, innovators, academia, and government collide to launch projects and innovations that are set to transform the market. With their advanced machining capabilities, specialized tooling development, materials analysis, and innovative research and design services, MMRI can help improve designs for mass adoption.

The Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility (CITM) strives to build partnerships with leading industry research and development pioneers like MMRI to bring their unique tools to help clients grow. Innovation Factory‘s CITM, backed by the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN), is an accelerator program that helps innovators with smart, connected, and electrified transportation and infrastructure solutions. 

Designing, Developing, and Testing with MMRI

Addressing manufacturing challenges such as the production of specialty sensors, equipment, and other hardware, MMRI leverages the collective expertise of the university’s community, including researchers, students, and faculty, to provide innovative solutions. They enable innovators to refine their prototypes and standardize equipment for mass adoption.

So, what does this mean for someone who has developed a connected, autonomous, or electrified vehicle innovation? You can actively work with the MMRI team to research and iterate your design until it is optimized and manufacture-ready. 

As part of CITM’s program, you can be connected to MMRI’s resources that can help with testing and validating your technology. CITM and MMRI have partnered to help transportation innovators navigate the complexities of the manufacturing industry. 

MMRI offers a range of services to CITM innovators, including but not limited to:

  • Custom Manufacturing Tool Development
    • Tool Edge Preparation
    • PVD Coating Development and Customization
  • Manufacturing Process Development
    • Parameter Selection and Optimization
    • Machinability of Next Generation Materials
    • Robust Processes
    • Burr and Swarf Management
  • Material Characterization
    • Composition
    • Microstructure
  • Material Property Assessment Under Extreme Conditions
    • Nano Mechanical Testing
    • Nano & Micro Impact Testing
    • Nano and Micro Scratch Testing
    • Tribology (Friction and Wear)

A member of Ontario’s Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (AMC), the Southern Ontario Network for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation (SONAMI), and a member of NGen, Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, MMRI is a key player in Canada’s manufacturing ecosystem.

Scaling with MMRI and McSCert

Entering the market often means navigating regulatory approvals. For a technology that has sophisticated, integrated software and can’t allow for any margin of error, this step of the journey becomes crucial. McMaster Centre for Software Certification (McSCert) partners with industries where software failure is not an option, to ensure that new disruptive technologies meet the regulatory standards, leading to a smoother path to market adoption.

Together, MMRI and McSCert offer support to innovators every step of the way—from initial concept and design tweaks to regulatory approval and mass production. Innovation is an important driving force for economic growth. Resources like MMRI and McSCert are crucial in moving Ontario and Canada’s manufacturing industry forward. For transportation and mobility innovators, these resources are important in enhancing and scaling their innovations, contributing to a stronger ecosystem and economy.

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