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Atrium connects good folks with those in need

The word atrium has two distinct definitions: One rooted in architecture, meaning an entrance or central court for gathering, and the other rooted in anatomy, meaning each of the two upper cavities of the heart. Ryan Kelly, the founder of Atrium believes that these definitions truly reflect his purpose, both eluding to the important connectedness of humans, especially in these recent hard times. Atrium is a service provider platform offering users an opportunity to connect with a volunteer to access help with errands and out-of-the-house necessities like grocery shopping and order pickups.  

Kelly boasts an entrepreneurial past with his first company, Ascend, where he created a plug-in to help online websites be more accessible for disabled users. His history paints a picture of the kindness and problem solving that drives his entrepreneurial journey. Atrium was inspired after Kelly witnessed his mother jump into action to take care of neighbors and loved ones during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic in March of 2020, where she began helping those in need with retrieving groceries and other goods. Kelly saw this heartfelt and generous action and knew that there was an opportunity to scale by utilizing the good heartedness of those in the community and his own entrepreneurial abilities to create the Atrium platform. This people-first founder utilized a good Samaritan attitude, a love for technology, and countless amounts of time and energy to develop this life-changing and meaningful idea, finding a purposeful mid-pandemic focus in connecting and helping those in need. 

Understanding the immediate troubleshooting that was needed at the beginning of the pandemic for those unable to safely shop or comfortably leave their homes, Kelly used his entrepreneurial background and vast understanding of the digital world to build the Atrium platform. “I really enjoy solving difficult problems and technical challenges,” says Kelly, “I love the logical flow of a moment when something hits you and you can find a solution”. Using his solution-driven personality, he brought members of the London community together with a goal to help keep the vulnerable populations safe. Prioritizing the large population of people who are not fluent in technology or do not have access to the internet, Atrium also provides a telephone line that connects those in need to volunteer assistance in the same capacity. Nearby volunteers are notified when an Atrium user is looking for help, and they shop and deliver the groceries or necessities to the respective recipient. The process is simple and successful because of the kindness of those volunteering. Based currently in London and surrounding areas, Kelly hopes to continue to scale Atrium as the pandemic further hinders those susceptible to illness or unable to leave their homestead from having access to safe and reliable shopping experiences. As the platform grows and evolves, there is a sense of resounding thankfulness from those who utilize Atrium to stay safe and cared for.  

“I can say with certainty that whatever happens moving forward, I will work with a focus to continue to optimize everything I do to solve problems and help people”. – Ryan Kelly, Founder of Atrium, and overall kind soul. 

To learn more about Atrium or receive a helping hand, go to https://atrium.app or call 647-560-9416. 

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