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Altus Assessments announces name change to Acuity Insights

Original Press Release, Newswire, November 14, 2022

EdTech company rebrands to provide unique end-to-end platform for higher education

TORONTO, Nov. 14, 2022 /CNW/ – We are pleased to announce that Altus Assessments will be rebranding under our new name, Acuity Insights.

Since 2014, Altus Assessments has been specializing in developing admissions assessment tools, including the situational judgment test (SJT) Casper, which is used by over 530 programs worldwide. In August 2021, Altus Assessments acquired One45, a MedEd software company, which provides medical schools the operational tools and end-to-end data analytics required to run better programs. The combination of experience and expertise between our teams gives us a unique end-to-end perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by leadership and administration of higher education programs today. Given the current breadth of our solutions, we have decided to rename the company Acuity Insights to better reflect the connection of our exceptional team and robust platform of tools coming together.

Rich Emrich, CEO of Acuity Insights says, “We are on a mission to create a world served by exceptional professionals. We started by helping higher education academic programs assess social intelligence and professionalism skills, which in turn allows for a more holistic view of the applicant. We have now moved on to a full solution that helps programs graduate a more holistic professional, while in turn improving the program.”

Through creative collaboration, our team chose the company name Acuity Insights because it best represents the value we bring to all our partners as an organization. Acuity itself means “keenness of perception”, which is exactly what we offer to higher education programs through our end-to-end solution.

“Acuity Insights has evolved,” says Dr. Kelly Dore, Co-Founder and VP, Science and Innovation. “We’re not only providing the unique data points higher education institutions depend on, but equipping programs with a one-stop solution that connects disparate data in a powerful way. Programs can now combine program and learner data points holistically, which in turn supports learners from application to graduation, and leads to program improvements.”

Connected Outcomes Management

Acuity Insights specializes in Connected Outcomes Management. This is the ability for higher education programs to connect key data across the learner journey from application to to graduation, understand how their learners and program are performing, and know what actions to take to improve their program and drive their desired outcomes.

Acuity Insights’ vision is to provide a robust platform of tools that connects data to help higher education programs identify and select applicants, nurture learners, and uncover insights that inform key decisions. From admissions to graduation, this end-to-end system provides school leadership and administration with a holistic view of program and learners that enables performance monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvement.

If you would like to speak more about our rebranding to Acuity Insights and Connected Outcomes Management solution, please connect with our Media Contact Brianna Bell at [email protected]

To learn more about Acuity Insights, visit https://acuityinsights.com/

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