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Alice Grey: iHeart Fat Fudge Food Inc.- “My advisor made one day much more real.” 

Alice Grey, founder and CEO of iHeart Fat Fudge Foods Inc. makes chocolates that have natural, clean ingredients that people can feel good after eating. She said the dairy-free chocolates with no added sugar are a healthier option without unfamiliar ingredients. 

When experiencing gestational diabetes for the second time, Grey successfully managed it with food instead of the insulin injections she endured with her first pregnancy. With research in hand, she created her recipe and business selling chocolate under the brand Mindful Monk. Her functional fudge, a product she can believe in, is currently available in two flavours: Fudgin’ Nuts and Almond Famous.  

The Rhyze Ventures educational, personal development and business advisor components appealed to her when applying to take part in the program. She values the industry expertise; pitch preparation experience and all the opportunities Rhyze Ventures provides to learn and grow. 

One of the main things she learned is that she’s not alone. “The other participants get what I’m going through. It can be isolating as an entrepreneur and it’s great sharing information and experiences.” The most valuable has been the support Rhyze Ventures provides through the advisor, program staff and other participants. “I wasn’t expecting that, and I value it immensely,” she said.  

The main challenge her advisor helped her identify was capacity. Investigating maximizing her time and product output more efficiently surfaced the idea of automation. “We looked at equipment and how to finance it. Now, I have an action plan I can execute when I’m ready.” She said she can picture her future state and how to accomplish it now. “My advisor made one day much more real.” 
Resulting from her participation in Rhyze Ventures, Grey said she is much more open-minded to getting help and considering options like co-packers and is able to put aside her drive to do everything herself. She says her company has benefited from all the knowledge she’s gained through Rhyze Ventures classes adding more value to her business.  

She encourages other women entrepreneurs to apply to Rhyze Ventures. “I thought I knew a lot before. But hearing things again when it mattered to my business resonated more with me.”  
Grey acknowledges that it takes courage to be an entrepreneur, but she advises others to believe in their ideas and commit to moving the business forward. “I’m scared every day, but I know I believe in it.” 
It’s important for people to know that when they eat the right foods, they can feel so much better. “Sometimes you don’t realize how foods can impact how you feel,” she said.  

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