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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Conversion Rates in 2022

Conversions appear to be increasingly illusive as the digital world becomes more complicated and cluttered. There are so many choices.  It’s no longer just businesses like yours that compete with you. You’re also up against anyone else who’s generating content in the same space as you.

The good news is that conversions aren’t that complicated. You may substantially raise your conversion rate and thus your business development if you understand how media has evolved, people’s tastes, and how you can fulfil them.

These are 5 sure-fire ways to boost your conversion rate in 2022.

1: Personality, Visuals, and Video can all be used to create Human Connection

Human presence is the most apparent absence in the digital world. This is why, while living in the most “connected” era in human history, many today feel more alone.  Many brands’ commercial experiences lack the human connection factor. Some brands do it really well, and their customers thoroughly enjoy it.

On Twitter, for example, Taco Bell has a very sassy, humorous personality. Their tweets are pure personality, and they don’t even require elaborate graphics or intricate themes to make an impression.

One great example of how to use video content is from Entrepreneurship coach and a host of MarieTV, Marie Forleo. She answers questions that her audience asks on video. This is a great way to foster a more human connection between the brand and customers.

2: Testimonials are your Best Friends

According to the 2021 Eldman Trust Barometer, one notable symptom of the pandemic is that public trust is eroding when it comes to a range of information sources. This had lead to increased trust in friends, family and ‘people like me’.

This is why your customer testimonials are gold. The more of a personal, story-telling element they have, the more likely they are to influence conversions.

Tips to Collect and Make Use of Testimonials That Work

  • Often times, early-stage startups will have the added benefit of community, especially when joining a Regional Innovation Centre, which can help to spawn more natural and candid testimonials. Make a record of these positive comments and conversations to share on social media, or add to your website.
  • Creating a simple hashtag or keyword to attach to your brand messaging makes it easy to track what people are saying about your company, so you can collect positive mentions and turn them into powerful testimonials for your brand.
  • Leverage visuals. Photos of happy customers are good, video testimonials are great. Adding the visual aspect gives the testimonial more credibility, and makes it more compelling.

3: Make Purchase/Registration Super Simple

With humanity at an 8-second average attention span as a result of the information age, it’s in your best interest to keep purchase, registration, and other sign up forms sweet and simple. Create forms that are short, less wordy and not demanding in the least. The fewer fields and hurdles your potential customer faces, the more likely they are to complete a purchase.

Tips to Simplify Onboarding/Signups

  • Only ask for an email address and a few other fields that are absolutely necessary. You have the opportunity to add more fields post-purchase, or make them optional.
  • Consider taking advantage of 3rd party plugins to handle purchases like Shopify’s Shop Pay. This will take work off of the shoulders of your customers when it comes to filling out long forms with information like shipping and billing addresses.
  • Ensure optimal load times during the entire customer journey to avoid unwanted bounces or premature exits.

4: Add a Third Party Sign-up Service

People often have so many accounts these days, it’s hard to keep track of them without a password manager. This has led to more users than ever looking to use pre-existing information to sign up for new accounts. For example, by signing in with Google. What’s more, taking advantage of “Sign in with Apple” allows users to breeze through new account sign-ups with a simple scan of their face or fingerprint – it will even generate a secure password automatically, and save it to iCloud KeyChain.

5: Strengthen Your Call to Action Text

Generic CTAs like “Sign up” and “Start trial” won’t give you the best conversion rates. Some minor tweaks to your call to action copy can make a considerable difference. A CTA that starts with the word “Yes.” is highly psychologically effective because it paints the offer in a positive light.

For example: Yes, I want [your offer]!

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