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5 Companies to Watch in 2022

This past year has propelled an enormous amount of growth, opportunity and success. In order to react to a quickly-changing business and global landscape, companies have adapted and pivoted in creative ways, creating even stronger company models and output. These are five companies ventureLAB has worked with that we’re keeping our eyes on in 2022. From microscopic AI sensor chips to plant biofiltration and IoT hydroponics systems, these companies are changing the innovation landscape.



DeepSight has built a turnkey platform to author and display 3D content in augmented reality. The tools it has developed are currently used for training purposes and to support the workforce by allowing the creation and consultation of holographic guides for complex procedures (assembly, maintenance, training etc.). Their software suite is also used for commercial purposes in the sales cycle of heavy equipment and custom machinery for iteration, product visualisation, and implementation.

Epic Semiconductors


EPIC Semiconductors has developed Smart Dust, a microscopic AI sensor chip with energy harvesting (which eliminates the use of toxic batteries) and bidirectional non-magnetic wireless communication. The small size of the chip allows it to be easily embedded into everyday objects to sense human actions, physical forces, chemical reactions, and bio-effects. Unlike momentarily activated systems, Smart Dust is “always-on.” The sensors create a self-organised, collision-free network that acts like a “superorganism,” which scientists believe is the next step in Artificial Intelligence.



In Canada, lending to individuals profits only the big guys – large banks and financial institutions. goPeer modernises this archaic system and makes these investments available to everyday Canadian investors. The loans offered through goPeer offer an attractive yield, have a low correlation to other asset classes, and most importantly they are accessible to everyone – not just the big guys. goPeer helps Canadians achieve financial success by connecting creditworthy borrowers with everyday investors. Their technology disrupts the traditional lending model and enables individuals to get out of debt faster, and eventually become an investor to help others do the same. 

New Earth Solutions


New Earth Solutions is improving the health of indoor environments with a plant biofiltration and IoT hydroponics control system. As specialists in commercial plant wall installations since 2018, New Earth Solutions recognized a growing trend in employees moving to permanent remote positions. Ultimately, this shift forced homes to become spaces for both work and play. Living walls have proved to be a valuable aid not only in better productivity and improved well being but also providing purified air. New Earth Solutions is answering the call from consumers with their innovative filtration solution: A hydroponic smart garden that optimizes the plants ability to remove indoor pollutants from your home through the science of biofiltration.

Open Ocean Robotics


Our oceans are full of information. Information that can protect at-risk whale species, allow ships to voyage more fuel-efficient routes, crack down on illegal fishing, and enable us to better understand the impacts of climate change. Open Ocean Robotics Data offers a cleantech solution to collecting ocean data. Their solar-powered autonomous boats provide real-time information to protect our oceans. They collect and analyze data via solar-powered and autonomous uncrewed surface vehicles with modular cameras, sensors, and monitoring equipment that can make oceanic observations and instantly relay them back to end-users in real-time.

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