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4 Common Client Questions Answered

The Haltech ecosystem is a powerful one, serving as the go-to strategic connector for innovators and entrepreneurs across Halton for over 10 years. In this blog post we took the 4 most commonly asked questions from clients and got answers from our client services team.

Does Haltech Offer in Person Networking?

In light of the recent trends from the past 2+ years of the pandemic, we are seeing more and more founders looking for in-person events and networking opportunities at Haltech. Through our valued co-location partner, TechPlace, we are excited to be able to return to in-person networking events at our BurlOak location.

With that being said, we understand the benefits online events bring and will continue to offer our major events virtually to accommodate those working virtually.

Be on the look-out on our newsletters and socials for events like Haltech Connects, or feel free to stop by TechPlace to take advantage of free hotdesks and office space as a Haltech Client!

Haltech’s Innovation Ecosystem

How do I get the most out of my Haltech relationship?

Often in my intakes with new clients, I get the question “How do I get the most out of Haltech?” or “Now that I’m a client, what’s next?”. The short answer I give clients is the more you engage with our community (including events, subscribing to newsletters, regular check-in calls, and email updates) the more you get out of the partnership.

With continued engagement, it allows for our team to identify those best fit for opportunities such as introductions, participation in events/competitions, post-secondary collaborations, and much more.

So any questions or concerns you have contact client services! If we don’t have the answer, we will be more than happy to look into it on your behalf.

What should I include in my pitch deck?

A common question I get from founders is what they should be including in their pitch decks for investors. Pitch decks can vary per company but there are essentials all founders should consider.

The first slides should consist of introductions to the problem, solution, and benefits clients can expect from using your product or service. After comes a review of the market and where your solution fits into the current landscape. To conclude your deck, an overview of financials, timelines, and your team will wrap up your slide deck nicely.

Want to have your pitch deck reviewed? Reach out to client services to have yours looked over! Alternatively, if you are looking for a more in-depth review of the investor space, check out our Investment Readiness Series hosted by one of our expert mentors; David W. Wright.

In-Person Check-Ins?

Starting in December of 2021, I joined the Haltech team in the midst of a wave of COVID-19 which left me to conduct my check-ins virtually. Now that it seems we are finally over the hump, there has been a rise of interest in conducting these meetings in-person.

Whether it’s virtual or in office, the client services team is more than happy to accomidate any desires you may have. If you see we have an upcoming virtual meeting and you’d like to do so in person, just send us an emai and we’d love to meet at your location or at our very own TechPlace space.

Not yet a Haltech client? Apply in minutes – and join for free!

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