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3 Reasons You’ll Want to Join the Kyndryl Team

Oct 25, 2022

Kyndryl's red logo featuring the company name in red font, is displayed on a wall of vertical wood panels.

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Home to one of North America’s most active and bustling technology communities, Ottawa isn’t short on innovative companies making headlines in the news and turning heads around the technology industry – and we love celebrating this.

Every month in our Trending in Tech blog series, we shine the spotlight on tech companies in Ottawa that are growing and creating new opportunities for tech talent.

Continue below for an introduction to Kyndryl – and learn what its technology sets out to do, and get the inside track on how to apply for opportunities to join the team – and three great reasons why you’ll want to.

What does Kyndryl do?

The Kyndryl logo lies in an open handKyndryl is the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, with more than 90,000 employees worldwide. The company designs, builds, manages and modernizes enterprises’ complex information systems.

Kyndryl’s six core service practices are cloud; applications, data, and AI; core enterprise and zCloud; digital workplace; network and edge; and security and resiliency. Businesses and organizations around the world have realized that to operate more efficiently, it is important to be able to move and manage IT workloads where and when they’re needed.

Kyndryl provides these organizations with a comprehensive portfolio that leverages hybrid cloud solutions, business resiliency and network services.

With the help of Kyndryl, companies can optimize their IT workloads and transformations by:

  • Safeguarding IT estate (their collection of digital assets) with enterprise-grade security and resiliency
  • Simplifying enterprise data management for cloud and on-premises environments
  • Maximizing IT operational efficiency with seamless multicloud management
  • Increasing IT agility by modernizing private infrastructure

Can you tell us a bit about the company’s growth?

An image of the Kyndryl office space

Despite the newness of our name, Kyndryl is a well-established, global IT supplier.

Since becoming an independent company in November 2021 (previously part of IBM), the Kyndryl team has expanded its skills and offering to address the company’s larger alliance market with its ecosystem strategy.

In pursuit of our vision, we have the willingness to create new areas of expertise, and that has led to the infusion of new talent and ideas into the business to support us as we continue to grow.

Kyndryl also celebrated a major milestone with the opening of its new Ottawa office. This regional expansion reflected our commitment to Canada across all regions and our great respect for the Ottawa tech community.

We are excited about all the ways we’ll be able to use this new space. It won’t just be for internal collaboration, but also to engage with partners and customers. Our Kyndryl team in Ottawa is committed to leveraging the space and our presence in the city to give back to the community.

3 reasons tech talent will want to join the Kyndryl team:

Kyndryl welcomes new talent knowing that these individuals bring valuable new ideas and a fresh approach to the team. The company makes proactive efforts to embrace change and adopt industry best practices with the help of feedback and experience from Kyndryls (this is how we affectionately refer to all of our people) across the organization.

  • Opportunities to make an impact

The type of clients that Kyndryl works with tend to be large-scale and complex, giving our people the opportunity to be challenged with new problems and to be a part of the development of innovative solutions that make a real and tangible impact on clients’ businesses.

Team members at Kyndryl stand in front of a feature wall in the office.

At Kyndryl, our people are the heart of the business. Our culture is defined and guided by The Kyndryl Way, which reminds us of who we are (Restless, Empathetic, and Devoted) and how we strive to operate: Flat, Fast, and Focused.

We work to empower accountable and inclusive teams, to cultivate simplicity everywhere, and deliver best-in-class services.

The company also upholds a Balance Pledge, designed to support a culture of personal and professional growth while being mindful of the needs of its team members.

Kyndryl cares about the development of its people, offering them educational options to continue to accelerate their careers and grow in the directions they want to pursue.

What can talent bring to the table?

Kyndryl looks for change leaders who can inspire action through a human-centric approach. Successful Kyndryls can help break down the complexity of IT to build stable, secure solutions for mission-critical systems. Skills in cyber resiliency and hybrid multicloud are key capabilities that the company looks for.

Can you highlight the best way for any interested applicants to apply?

Candidates who are interested in joining and growing with the Kyndryl team can visit our Kyndryl website.

A photo of the Kyndryl team with some members seated up front, and others standing behind, in an office location.

Interested in hearing more about tech opportunities in Ottawa? Follow the Work in Ottawa LinkedIn page.

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